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HYT HO Celebratory. Original. Contemporary.

HYT is constantly taking the measurement of time into fresh contexts. Its H0 Middle East Edition is staking out promising new territory in Doha, Qatar. Marking the opening of the brand’s first store in the Middle East, his seven-strong limited edition is an invitation to discover the origins of time’s fluidity, embedded in the allure of the present and future.

A stunning 22,6 -meter environment within Galeries Lafayette Doha, 21 High st. at Katara Cultural Village --  Qatar presents an artistic take on the science lab, in a mesmerizing juxtaposition of time and space where every moment counts.

This special watch visibly took inspiration from the Middle East. Punctuating the purity of surroundings in white and grey marble integrating oxidized brass are cylindrical product displays in eye-catching green neon. This reflects the core HYT belief that time is the elixir of life. The H0 Middle East Edition expresses this via its patented micro-fluidic module.

Mechanically activated bellows meticulously manage the journey of two immiscible liquids, one blue and one transparent, through a curved capillary, to illustrate time’s passage. Super-LumiNova® coating on the tube’s underside echoes the fascination of colored liquids in the labs of our imaginations. The intrinsic message of flow is communicated by the watch’s drop-like sapphire glass facilitating the perception of time from many different angles. 

Time is a treasure – a truth that the new store and the H0 Middle East Edition bring to life. The precious nature of every passing moment is mirrored by an eye for detail and a passion for paradox. Different shades of grey in the watch’s materials and textures, from the satin finishes on the dial to its rubber strap, demonstrate the magic that can happen when black and white join forces. All digits are in Arabic numerals.

This builds a bridge from regional history to contemporary esthetics with intra-material time indication and the impression of time being suspended to three-dimensional effect around the case sides. Neon writing on the new boutique’s wall thoughtfully asks, “How long is forever?”. A difficult question to answer. The H0 Middle East Edition reminds that there is no time like the present from which to salute yesterday and greet tomorrow.

Galeries Lafayette Doha

21 High st, Katara Cultural Village

Doha, Qatar

Operating Hours:  Saturday - Thursday: 10 am - 10 pm

                                    Friday: 1:30 pm - 12 am


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