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“When I was little, I used to love listening to the sea by putting my ear on a shell.” Christian Louboutin

A scented odyssey Let’s take a walk or a swim down memory lane. The journey began in 2020 with Loubiworld, a collection of 7 unisex scents influenced by Christian Louboutin’s travels.

A world of surprises inspired by his own memories and dreams illustrated by Hélène Tran’s whimsical drawings. In 2021, the story took a hypnotic turn with the launch of three eaux de parfums intenses. Following the 2022 release of the first eau de parfum légère, Loubimar, Christian Louboutin is pleased to introduce a new fragrance to this family, Loubihorse, inspired by the designer’s underwater dreams.

A new wave: Loubihorse, the new Eau de Parfum Légère Hidden in the depths of the sea, this unique fragrance rises to the surface, surrounded by surreal labyrinth of coral and guarded by a curious seahorse. A tidal wave of spicy and floral charms The new Eau De Parfum Légère Loubihorse casts a spell with notes of neroli, bergamot, and vanilla.

Signed by the perfumer Christophe Raynaud, this new eau de parfum légère whispers the secrets of the sea with its refreshing and summery wake. “I added sparkles of Bergamot and Neroli essences on the Vanilla signature because this blend enhances the radiance of the scent; it bursts its solar character”. Christophe Raynaud

An aquatic treasure The uplifting, sun-kissed fragrance is housed inside a faceted glass bottle adorned by a metallic pink seahorse embracing a shell. Upon closer inspection, one discovers that the coral reef surrounding this fantastical creature is composed of Christian Louboutin’s signature red soles, adding a touch of couture to this new signature scent.

Dive into a refreshing new journey with the new Eau De Parfum Légère Loubihorse.


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