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After the major success of Beautifect’s introduction to the market with the Beautifect Box, founder Dr. Tara Lalvani has expanded the Beautifect range. Beautifect continues to innovate and launch new beauty tools that will simplify and perfect daily makeup and beauty routines. Common for all Beautifect products is the extensive research and testing that goes into creating these high-quality and innovative products.

The Beautifect Blender is designed using the finest materials on the market, with its unique triple edged shape, ultra soft material and airbrushed texture, it is the must-have sponge for flawless makeup.

The concept is simple:

  • Flat edge for even contouring

  • Pointed edge for targeted concealing

  • Rounded edge for flawless base application and blending

Rated by Beautifect customers and celebrity makeup artists globally as the best performing Blender in the industry, make-up application is seamless, whether you are applying liquid, creams or powders, the Beautifect Blender ensures equally amazing results.

The materials used to create the Beautifect Blender contribute to minimal product absorption, which means maximum usage and less wastage from your favorite foundations. The materials also aid a flawless coverage by buffing and feathering the edges where makeup is placed for professional application and even distribution of product. The flat edge of the blender is specially designed to make contouring effortless and immaculate, while the pointed edge easily reaches the small areas such as the eye and nose and can be used for targeted concealing. Use the rounded edge for smooth base application and professional blending.

The innovative soft material is entirely latex free, hypoallergenic, suits all formulas, all skin types, face shapes and is highly durable so you can reap the benefits of this blender for a longer time. For optimal results it is best to dampen the Beautifect Blender prior to each use and wash the sponge with warm soapy water and let it air-dry after each use.

The reliable Beautifect Blender makes professional and flawless makeup application simple and attainable for everyone.


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