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The up-and-coming brand is making waves with unconventional and unique candles

Calling all candle lovers! Winnow is revolutionizing premium home decor with artisanal candle creations. Winnow, which means to get rid of something undesirable or unwanted, does exactly as it’s name by enriching your home with a tranquil, opulent atmosphere and removing any negative vibes instantly with a single light. The Dubai-based homegrown brand carefully hand-pours every artisanal candle with love, with every creation consciously being vegan, eco-friendly and cruelty-free. The modern, sculptural candles are not only appealing to the eyes, the beautiful scents are an aromatic delight for the nose made up of 100% organic soy.

Winnow celebrates female and male forms of all shapes and sizes with inclusive body silhouette candles. Promoting realistic body-positive figures in a diverse assortment of colours and sizes. Alternatively, discover uniquely-shaped artisanal candles with minimal-chic designs such as Bubbles and geometric shapes. A perfect addition to compliment any corner of your home, the Roman-esque style David’s Head and Venus statue are almost too beautiful to burn. Winnow also provides the option to add 24 karat gold, rose gold or premium silver foiling to embellish any of the artisanal candles.

Winnow makes the perfect gift for any occasion, enriching peace and warmth to your loved ones home. After all, who doesn’t love a beautifully-scented candle? Choose from a range of different scents including: Vanilla, Oriental Oud, Relaxing Lavender, Mandarin Orange, Rosemary, and Bubblegum.

The Dubai-based home grown business that once started as a hobby, has now blossomed into a passionate business that is quickly becoming popular across the region. Each and every premium soy candle is hand-poured using vegan, eco-friendly biodegradable ingredients to provide you with a natural aroma with a long-lasting burn time. Discover the bespoke range of artisanal candles and hand-crafted trays from Winnow with a wide selection of unique shapes, sizes, and colours. Now available for delivery across UAE via the official @winnow_me Instagram page with prices starting from 30 AED.


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