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With the Holy Month of Ramadan coming to an end, Eid shopping is an important task on the “To-do” list. Kind By Design offers something beyond a normal gift. Each candle is produced from locally sourced materials, with the signature beeswax blend hand-poured, and the vessels hand-made by local artisans. There’s a whole lot of soul and kindness in the making of each candle – perfect for Eid gifting.

A beautiful sage colour, this large candle makes for a chic product to include on your coffee table. With a burn time of 80 hours, it is designed to purify the air with its all-natural, custom beeswax blend. The beeswax formula releases negative ions, which neutralise pollutants such as mold spores, pollen, dander, odours, germs, dust and other nasty particles. With a distinct aroma, the candle is an ideal, environmentally friendly and thoughtful option.

The true benefit of Kind By Design candles is that they burn slower and therefore last longer. Featuring eco-friendly wicks and premium fragrance oils, free of Phthalates and Parabens – this aromatic piece offers a clean burn and a scent that lingers even when the candle isn’t in use.

The elegant Jasmine fragrance is universally loved by all. Purchase the Jasmine candle this Eid as a safe bet for those family members or friends who appreciate an aesthetically pleasing, interior piece. Another stand-out feature of Kind By Design products is that the clay vessels can be upcycled as planters. Once the candle burns out, seeds – which are included with each candle – can be planted, increasing the life of the product.

The packaging of this candle is manufactured using upcycled glass beverage bottles. A refreshing citrus aroma with a touch of basil, it’s a limited collection piece.

For more information on the candles, the brand or to shop, please visit or on social.


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