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The women-founded brand is fueled by the passion to design simple, science-led and kind solutions to everyday problems

Kind By Design is a women-led venture fueled by the passion to design simple, science-led and kind solutions to everyday problems. Dedicated to working with a collective of homegrown businesses, Kind By Design creates sustainable and organic products.

The Kind by Design launch range features a novel collection in the UAE of hand-poured beeswax candles, known to naturally purify the air and burn up to four times longer than standard alternatives. Beeswax candles release negative ions, which neutralize allergens in the air such as mold spores, pollen, dander and other pollutants. Despite this, candle makers still lean towards other wax options such as soy or paraffin.

Committed to sustainable processes, Kind by Design is using an all-natural, custom beeswax blend, clay and discarded and upcycled beverage bottles, eco-friendly wicks and fragrance oils that are free from phthalates and parabens. Kind by Design candles are available in five exquisite fragrances: Jasmine, Peony, Cuban and Vetiver, and Citrus and Basil and a particular favorite outdoor candle – scented with Citronella and Lemongrass, known to help deter mosquitos – perfect for your garden or terrace. Locally sourced in the UAE, the clay containers are hand made by local artisans and discarded beverage bottles are repurposed and upcycled - the vessels can be further repurposed as planters once the candle burns out. Kind By Design includes seeded paper with every candle, along with instructions on how to plant your seeds – which in-line with the Kind By Design ethos are seasonal, and able to thrive in the UAE climate.

Founded in 2020 by Sophia Sheikh and Lale Faheem, Kind By Design is a brand that encourages more responsible consumerism, driving positive impact, and helping shape sustainability discussions in the UAE. Kind By Design supports businesses that were affected by the pandemic by collaborating with their niche expertise and creating partners of choice relationships.

“With an increased amount of time being spent at home, we are more conscious of the products we use around us and our families. Candles are a great addition to any room; however, we wanted to go beyond just a pleasant smell and nice looking accessory. We are mindful of the air we breathe in, and we wanted our candles to reflect that. We aim to offer aesthetically pleasing objects, but with a higher purpose in mind,” said Sophia Sheikh, Co-founder of Kind by Design.

“For us, sustainability is a journey of increased awareness and lifestyle change. We recognise our customers are looking for brands to engage authentically and tangibly, and therefore, are energised by delivering on our kind, science-led and conscious ethos,” said Lale Faheem, Co-founder of Kind by Design.

Coming from a wealth of experience in healthcare, marketing, operations and investments in emerging markets, Sophia and Lale are leading the charge as socially responsible citizens. As such, Kind By Design is uniquely positioned to be a distinctive, sustainable and scalable venture in line with the vision of the founders to contribute towards meaningful change.

For more information on the brand please visit or on social.


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