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Kirk Westaway at The Nautilus Maldives

The Nautilus Maldives invites you on an Epicurean Journey: two exquisite nights, two stars – multi-award winning and internationally renowned Chef Kirk Westaway brings his double Michelin starred cuisine to The Nautilus

From the bustling metropolis of Singapore to the tranquil shores of the Maldives, this May, The Nautilus invites its guests to savour an extravagant dinner with two-star Michelin Chef Kirk Westaway, paired with exquisite old world wines at Zeytoun, the overwater signature restaurant at The Nautilus.

Chef Kirk Westaway is recognised globally for his mastery in reinventing gastronomic classics that are as easily received as they are comforting and refined. Born in Southwest Britain, Chef Kirk, Executive Chef of the two Michelin star restaurant, JAAN by Kirk Westaway in Singapore, is known for his deeply rooted passion for natural flavours that are reminiscent of his childhood in England and his philosophy to showcase British dining in a modern, refreshing light, therefore ’Reinventing British’.

The exquisite, limited dining experience taking place on May 18th and 19th, features an exclusive meal comprised of some of Chef Kirk’s signature dishes, including Fish and Chips, Goose Mouse Black Truffle, Beetroot Meringue or The Ultimate Tomato, Buffalo Milk Burrata cheese, Green Basil Sorbet or Roasted Langoustine, BBQ Sweetheart Cabbage, Kristal Caviar and Wagyu Beef Sirloin, and Mushroom Marmalade.

“Through my personal journey with food, from harvesting organic fruits and vegetables in my family’s backyard as a child to becoming Executive Chef at JAAN in 2015, I am now led by two culinary philosophies,” says Chef Kirk. “The first is to always uphold the integrity of the produce and translate the best of each ingredient onto the plate. The second is that food should be comforting and form emotional connections. It is my mission to present guests with an unforgettable meal that evokes nostalgia through familiar yet elegant flavours of the finest seasonal produce the world has to offer. I have always been attracted to the sea and am looking forward to the tropical and natural ingredients I can use in the Maldives to refine my creations to take the Nautilus's guests on a refreshing and comforting culinary journey.” says Chef Kirk.

The extravagant gastronomic experience with the Krug Ambassador Chef Kirk Westaway will be further enhanced with a special selection of various types of Krug Champagne.

The Nautilus General Manager, Andre Miethig, says: “Chef Kirk Westaway will enable our guests to join in a unforgettable gastronomic journey with his expertly crafted and comforting dining experience. We are thrilled to have our guests join Chef Kirk for two evenings of adventurous flavours and gourmet art under the Maldivian starry sky that is not to be missed.”

The Nautilus is known as an idyllic island destination for foodies and gourmands seeking excellent food and impeccable service. With its unscripted dining philosophy, where guests can eat when they are hungry, have breakfast for dinner, drink Champagne in bed, The Nautilus delights in veering off script, crafting bespoke culinary journeys curated just for each and every guest individually.

Guests of The Nautilus can explore intriguing infusions of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine at Zeytoun, celebrate simplicity with Japanese and Latin-American creations at Ocaso, or savour an array of global delicacies at Thyme. No opening or closing times; no dress codes. Come as you are, enjoy great company and indulge in a shared passion for extraordinary cuisine at The Nautilus.

Indulge your senses at this exquisite gourmet event with Chef Kirk Westaway and his extravagant dinner paired with world-class wines on May 18th and 19th at The Nautilus’ Zeytoun Restaurant. For reservations or enquiries, please contact or begin crafting a world of your own making by booking direct at or call +960 660 00 00.


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