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Kiton Woman Spring/Summer 2020 Womenswear Collection

For the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, Kiton will be presenting a woman who distinguishes herself by her opposites: essence and colours, audacity and graphics.

The pure and precious lines are inspired by the atmospheres of the film “The Witch Burned Alive” by Luchino Visconti, thanks to which Silvia Mangano’s face became a symbol of statuary and lunar beauty in the collective imagination. Rigorous and sartorial cuts become hyper-feminine in the skirt suits and wide-leg trousers.

In contrast, the sophisticated fabrics resonate with the Sixties-like patterns of the Beat Culture: checks, male weaves in cashmere and noble blends, proposed in the classic white&blue tones or coloured in pastel shades like pink, beige and canary yellow, combined with optical white.

Graphic prints, both micro and macro, are in the spotlight and embellish the collection with the three- dimensional effects typical of the 1960s aesthetics, such as the double-colour picots.

The coat is Kiton’s must-have garment, and together with the sartorial jacket, it is declined in various shapes and volumes, taking on different shapes according to the different female silhouettes.

A collection for every occasion: Kiton dresses the sporty-chic woman with beige silk trench coats or blue perforated shearlings.

The search for a precious and bold femininity is reflected in the long dresses with imperceptible textures, like satin and silk organza. Gold and silver intertwine with the more elaborate white and blue jacquard fabrics.

Key words: essence and colours, audacity and graphics.


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