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Celebrate the journey of life with pieces handcrafted in 18K Solid Gold and Ceramic Enamel.

Accessorise in an entirely fresh way with La Marquise Jewellery’s new Paper Boat© collection. Handcrafted in 18K Solid Gold and combined with sparkling White Diamonds and Ceramic Enamel, the contemporary collection consists of pendants, earrings, rings, bracelets and bangles in four unique colours. Each piece is created to be layered, stacked and styled in the wearers’ own unique way.

A modern and playful take on luxury jewellery, the Paper Boat© collection offers new symbols to represent life in all its forms. The Paper Boat© motif, as the name suggests, is inspired by that of a paper boat signifying a modern and playful approach to celebrating the ‘Journey of Life’, to evoke a spirit of adventure and fuel one’s longing for exploration.

Opt for rich Jade Green, Carnation Pink, Capri Blue, or Raspberry Red, with motifs ranging from small, medium to large to add a playful pop of colour. Each piece is carefully handcrafted using both modern and traditional jewellery-making techniques including polishing, enamelling and bonding, a testament to the award-winning brand’s superior finishing.

Youthful and fresh, La Marquise Jewellery’s Paper Boat© collection offers endless possibilities with vivid colours and styles that can be stacked and combined however you choose.


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