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Dreams emerge in obscurity, when surrender to the creativity of night is complete. Night is when life’s trivialities fall away, when the elusive unveils itself and creation in crystal clarity becomes possible.

It is in this clarity that a single, potent colour, cobalt blue, envelops the dreams of creativity. A colour of femininity, of audacity, of strength, it is a colour that yearns to be brought to life. The colour of life at night – The Cobalt Night.

The scientists at La Prairie asked themselves a very simple question. What else might the night unveil?

They identified an elusive component of caviar that thrives at night. Introducing Caviar Retinol, a new Swiss caviar incarnation.


Within the unchartered realms of night, the scientists discovered an unexpected, elusive component of Caviar. Rare, natural Retinol. Retinol, a molecule coveted for its unmatched line-smoothing efficacy, yet extremely difficult to capture and retain. It can only exist in obscurity. Subjected to light, it ceases to exist at all.

La Prairie scientists were determined to bring to life this elusive strength of Caviar, beyond lifting and firming. Composed of caviar lipids and of caviar-derived retinol, Caviar Retinol is exclusive to La Prairie. It is obtained through a specially-designed extraction process, which creates the ideal conditions to capture and retain both caviar lipids and caviar-derived Retinol. Thanks to this unique combination, La Prairie’s Caviar Retinol harnesses the line-effacing potential of caviar: a potential fully realised at night.

Many processes in the skin follow a circadian rhythm, with a peak and a low within a 24-hour period. During the night, the skin’s focus is primarily on regeneration, whereas, during the day, it is mainly on protection.

The obscurity of night gives way to creation, with peaks in collagen synthesis and epidermal renewal. But while creation processes peak at night, so too does barrier permeability, as the skin has let down its defences. This makes skin more prone to nighttime water loss. With time, the peaks of creation decline, resulting in a decrease in the density of the dermal extracellular network, as well as a decrease in functionality of the epidermis. In parallel, barrier permeability increases further, leading to excessive water loss. Damages accumulate, creating an accelerated decrease in skin vitality.

Imbued with Caviar Retinol, Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil is designed to work in conjunction with the skin’s natural circadian rhythms to help counteract these age-induced effects, whilst its oily composition creates an immediate temporary outer barrier to minimise water loss.

Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil uncreases by reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while visibly smoothing the skin’s surface. It restores firmness through re-densifying. As the last step of the Nighttime Ritual, the formula seals in moisture and active ingredients from the preceding treatments, intensifying ritual results. In parallel, it improves the skin barrier in the long term, moisturising the skin.

Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil includes La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, incorporated for the very first time within an oil. Inspired by Dr Paul Niehans’ pioneering work on rejuvenation conducted at the storied Clinique La Prairie, the Exclusive Cellular Complex gives new life and energy back to the skin. It targets essential elements for a rejuvenated appearance.


The Skin Caviar Nighttime Ritual begins with perfectly clean skin. Then a few drops of Skin Caviar Essence-in-Lotion helps sooth and prepare the skin for the treatments to follow.

Next comes Skin Caviar Liquid Lift, infused with Caviar Premier and Caviar Absolute, for an unparalleled lifted appearance and visually regained volume.

Follow with Skin Caviar Eye Lift with Caviar Premier to revive, raise and redefine the eye area. Bring a lifting indulgence to the eyes with Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream enriched with Caviar Premier.

Complete the ritual with Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, the night’s last gesture. At once generous and silky, the formula soothes and cushions skin, for total indulgence. Over time, lines and wrinkles appear reduced, skin looks firmed and moisture is sealed in, prolonging the elusive strength of caviar, beyond the night.


When La Prairie encountered Niki de Saint Phalle’s cobalt blue, the link between the Skin Caviar Collection and the colour’s evocative qualities became clear: only cobalt blue would do for Skin Caviar, immediately creating an icon.

Cobalt blue is the very incarnation of femininity, of audacity, of strength.

Femininity because caviar is life. Indeed, caviar is the very essence of life contained, and what is more feminine than empowering life itself? Audacity, because it was pure audacity to even imagine infusing skincare with caviar – a bold, unexpected idea. Strength, because the scientists at La Prairie had discovered the phenomenal potential of caviar and they were excited – driven even – to explore the opportunities that their newly-minted Caviar Science possessed.

For Skin Caviar Nighttime Oil, La Prairie unveils a singular cobalt blue outer jar that houses an opaque black inner vessel. The result is a striking contrast of cobalt blue and total obscurity. It is the perfect fusion of both form and function, with the minimal, pure lines of Bauhaus-inspired design bellying a state-of-the-art glass-in-glass construction, specifically created to help protect the elusive properties of Caviar Retinol housed within.


Cobalt blue, whose depth never ceases to seduce the eye, has been celebrated by artists throughout the history of art.

For La Prairie, French digital artist Maotik uses digital mastery to bring the singularity of cobalt blue to life with a journey of the senses that transports the viewer into the depths of the night where creativity is set free. For the 2021 edition of Art Basel in Basel, Maotik created Sense of Blue, an immersive installation composed of three stages to plunge the viewer gradually into the depths of night. Motion sensors, video projections and digital algorithms lie hidden within the unseen frame to offer an immersion that marries minimalist aesthetic and technical sophistication. An immersive and interactive work where the viewers’ movements shape their environment through an immaterial, shifting facet of light.

As a specialist in interactive environments, Maotik is a leading figure in digital art, a field that puts technological innovation and expertise at the service of beauty. It is an approach that deeply resonates with the vision of La Prairie, where art and science are inextricably linked. A dialogue between the two, Sense of Blue sets night at the heart of an enhanced beauty ritual. It is a manifold artistic work that harnesses all times, past and future, to set its mark on the present.


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