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Lobito de Mar and BiBo transform the essence of gastronomy of Doha

The fusion of flavors presented by Lobito de Mar and BiBo promises to redefine the culinary panorama of the city.

Lobito de Mar and BiBo, the most celebrated culinary concepts of chef Dani Garcia, have joined forces to offer Doha a gastronomic experience like no other. In the wake of an exciting reopening event on October 10 at the Marsa Malaz Kempinski hotel, both restaurants are eager to offer a distinctive culinary experience for the city.

With an extraordinary reopening event, Lobito de Mar and BiBo marked a culinary milestone in Doha, a celebration of Andalusia's roots, offering visitors the chance to rediscover authentic Spanish cuisine and reconnect with its flavors and spirit.

During the event, Lobito de Mar became an epicenter of flavor fusion like no other. In honor of the event, the Marbella chef created a menu that combines Spanish traditions and modern creativity. A unique sensory journey was created through dishes with surprising aromas, textures, and flavors.

This event perfectly encapsulated the essence of both restaurants as well as celebrating the influence of Eastern and Western gastronomy through the fusion of two culinary cultures, where Andalusia's sophistication blended with Arab culture's vitality. An exciting relaunch of Lobito de Mar and BiBo, where culinary excellence meets cultural significance in a fusion of art, music, and gastronomy, promises to redefine Doha's gastronomic landscape.

Lobito de Mar, located on the ground floor, will continue to delight the guest with its fresh seafood menu. Prepared seafood, crustaceans and mollusks of Spanish origin, skewers, tuna recipes and rice dishes, all in the style of Alicante, will all be part of the catering proposal.

The gastronomic scene will be enriched by BiBo, a restaurant located on the first floor of the location, with legendary dishes such as oxtail brioche, Burger Bull or prawns. The concept of merging the two restaurants will also result in a unique experience for diners because they will be able to enjoy the food from both restaurants simultaneously.

The magic of Lobito de Mar and BiBO is a contemporary and sophisticated culinary experience that explores the richness of Spanish gastronomy.


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