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Meet the romantic scents that smell like Valentine’s Day by Swiss Arabian, the region’s leading perfume house. These whimsical fragrances fall under the WAAW Love Collection, recently launched by Swiss Arabian that truly embody the meaning of love.

The WAAW collection is inspired by the Arabic letter و (pronounced “waaw”) which is known as the letter of unity as it is used in Arabic to join words, and thus everything, together – and what is more unifying than love? This magnetic collection is based on the different forms of love and includes six sense-awakening fragrances that are a must have this Valentine’s Day:

1. Gharaam – meaning infatuation, is a premium unisex fragrance that has been created keeping in mind the first stages of love. It has soft notes of jasmine, saffron and amber combined to give the feeling of infatuation.

2. Hawa – meaning desire, is a fragrance that brings forth a bright citrus scent combined with floral notes including mandarin, rose, orange flower and white jasmine.

3. Hayaam – meaning adoration, is a fragrance that combines dazzling citrus and warm earthy ingredients like warm Irish clove, leather, and woody amber.

4. Wajdmeaning passionate love, is a fragrance with fruity, floral, amber notes. The scent was created to induce the feeling of deep passion with ingredients such as Turkish rose, red apples and patchouli.

5. Walaa – meaning deep love, is a citrus fragrance that encapsulates happiness with the bright and fresh notes of lavender, mandarin orange and white jasmine.

6. Ishq – meaning the powerful form of love, is a fragrance that represents timelessness of true love with a burst of warm black pepper and spicy saffron. The scent later depletes and diffuses notes of roses and smooth leather.

These premium unisex scents retail for AED 180 and are available to purchase in stores and online on


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