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Presenting the gift of longevity. Priceless.

Forgoing gifts for the present, LYMA offers technology for those who take performance seriously

The ultra-rich are adding well-tech to their investment portfolios as the desire for material goods is relegated behind a craving to live longer, healthier and better. This year’s most wanted gift lists see Birkin’s, bunkers and Bentleys set aside in favour of biohacking.

LYMA the creators of the ultimate longevity supplement and most powerful at-home cell rejuvenating laser are capitalising on the trend with wellness tech proven to deliver results.

The science team behind LYMA discovered that while life expectancy is falling, and we’re ageing a decade faster than our parents’ generation, there was no credible supplement available for those interested in hacking their long-term health. Lack of regulation means that over 90% of the supplement market is not bioavailable, dosed too weak or not formulated to work. LYMA is different; representing the world’s most effective, complete nutraceutical, using a formula that contains nine patented and peer-reviewed ingredients, at doses proven to work in peer-reviewed clinical trials. Since its launch in 2018 LYMA has been adopted in the bathrooms and boardrooms of global household names.

2020 saw the ultimate nutraceutical joined by the LYMA Laser. This is the most powerful at-home cell rejuvenating laser in the world, certified for at home use. Called “the most significant beauty launch in a generation” by medical and dermatological experts, the LYMA Laser marks the first time a clinic grade laser can be used on your sofa, in your home, or on your private jet. Delivering such powerful results, it doesn’t just improve the look of the skin, delivering outstanding age-reversal, it also rejuvenates the cellular structure of skin, tendons, cartilage, and muscle.

The 500mW near infrared LYMA Laser is erasing wrinkles, pigmentation, scars and rosacea in a matter of weeks, while also helping those who train hard, recover quicker and perform better.

Together the LYMA Supplement and LYMA Laser tackle inflammation, allowing members to look their best, feel their best and keep their physical and cognitive performance at the highest level.

Giving the gift of a LYMA product also gives the recipient access to the LYMA Concierge for access to the best nutritional, scientific and fitness advice to help those new to biohacking and longevity planning to get the most out of their gift.

Lucy Goff, LYMA Founder comments: “We live in the modern world, with all its health advances, but the way we live on a daily basis has never been more important. Your body is going to be around longer than an expensive handbag, so now we are seeing people consider the value of feeling and performing at their highest possible level as the best investment they can make, and the most powerful gift they can give.”

For those serious about investing in their future health can buy the LYMA 2022 Edition, comprising a year of LYMA supplement, a LYMA Laser and a year of LYMA Laser skincare, together with quarterly Concierge check ins and nutrition plan for £5,000.


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