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The LYMA Laser is a breakthrough for inclusive beauty. If you have melanin-rich skin, you will be all too familiar with the historic failure of the laser and skin renewal industries in addressing your skin concerns but that has changed, thanks to LYMA.

Until now, laser technology hasn’t been recommended for melanin-rich skin because of the danger of scarring however The LYMA Laser doesn’t rely on damaging skin in order to renew, making it safe to use on all skin types and tones - a world first for inclusive beauty.

One of the reasons there is so much excitement about The LYMA Laser, which recently became the first FDA clinic-grade skincare laser approved for use at home, it that it is completely painless, causing no cell damage.

Traditional laser devices work through the stress/damage response, inflicting injury to the skin to stimulate collagen. Darker skin tones have more pigmentation and scar more easily which is why these types of treatments have not been recommended.

LYMA worked with a team of over 20 independent medical scientists to create the LYMA Laser System, the first truly inclusive and most powerful cosmetic skin renewal system ever to be made available for at-home use.

The LYMA Laser harnesses the power of Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT), which has been used in hospitals for over 50 years to treat a host of medical issues as diverse as rebuilding cartilage and healing tendons. LYMA is the first to re-engineer this proven technology for home use.

Lucy Goff, Founder of LYMA comments, “The laser technology penetrates the deepest layers of the skin - through the subcutaneous layer to the base layers, to remodel and rebuild it from the base layer up without causing any damage to a single cell in the process. It’s the fact that there is no cell damage whatsoever that makes it safe for darker skin tones. The device is so safe that it can also be used around the delicate eye area without any need for safety goggles.”

The LYMA Laser works to improve the skin's texture and appearance, targeting conditions such as acne, skin pigmentation, scars, lines, wrinkles and cellulite. After three months of daily use for just 15 minutes per day, you will see a significant improvement.

“The LYMA Laser is different. The near-infrared laser beam is a coherent light but is dispersed so many times (25,000 times to be exact!), it removes all the heat from the laser, making it completely cold. The device doesn’t rely on the laser’s heat to damage skin, but the near-infrared cold technology to regenerate with zero damage which means it is completely safe to be used on darker melanin rich skin tone”, says Lucy Goff.

The LYMA Laser has taken over the global social media beauty airwaves, with Hailey Beiber receiving a pre-Oscar facial from celebrity facialist Joanna Czech, and Cara Delevingne getting skin prep pre-Met Ball from New York makeup artist Romy Soleimani. The world’s best dermatologists and facialists have been early adopters of this powerful cold laser light which rejuvenates skin cells from the base layer up - seeing wrinkles disappear in a matter of weeks.

A-list Aesthetician Joanna Czech comments: “For the 35 years I’ve been in the beauty industry, I have been a huge laser sceptic. But The LYMA Laser not only aligns with my philosophy of protecting and supporting skin, but it can be used on all skin types and tones, truly representing inclusive beauty. LYMA is a total game changer - incredibly powerful, portable and most importantly completely safe.”


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