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Maison 21G Paris launches in the Middle East with first-ever boutique in Dubai Hills

Innovation, experimentation, sustainability, and personalization has formed the core of Maison 21G Paris - the ground-breaking Parisian perfumery, which empowers anyone to create the scent of their soul (said to weigh 21 grams!) - since its very beginning.

Maison 21G is the world's first collaborative luxury perfumery house of scent designers, launching a perfume revolution centred around its disruptive and multisensory approach.

On May 25th, 2022, Maison 21G is proud to announce its official launch in the Middle East with the opening of their first boutique in Dubai Hills. Taking their unique brand of scent personalization, thrilling range of bespoke products, and private creation ateliers into a uniquely luxurious environment, it’s a significant step into a vibrant and dynamic luxury market.

The Dubai boutique pristinely encapsulates the strong design values and visual idioms of the brand (the famous “Carré Galbé - Round square” of Maison) with sleek minimalism and Parisian Chic, ensuring an experiential and poly-sensorial experience. The Maison boutique encourages customers to engage in a hands-on perfume-creation experience, enabled on the spot at their revolutionary scent bar, or in private ateliers - Maison’s renowned perfumery workshops - by appointment for those seeking more time and in-depth guidance.

The boutique features a series of dedicated zones, allowing visitors to move from one aspect of the brand to another as they truly customise their fragrances. There is also a zone for Maison’s customisable home scents, a premiere in the perfumery industry, and a fast-growing aspect of this exciting brand’s portfolio of products.

Introducing the Touchless Scent Bar and AI creative guidance: An Innovation Par Excellence

In the age of COVID-19, Maison 21G has risen to the challenge of being impressively versatile and innovative, thus ensuring the global pandemic does not interrupt its vision. This agile approach has led to the creation of their famous ‘touchless scent bar’; a safe, stylish and innovative way to encounter their perfume collection of 35 haute couture essences and including a uniquely playful scent mixing experience.

Ever-inventive and pioneering, Maison 21G Paris has created this fun and interactive method to allow new customers to create their scents wardrobe. The customers turn into real scent designers, and in becoming so, are able to discover, enjoy, and mix their scents on the spot and to discover their perfect combination via this luxurious self-service touchless scent bar.

Innovations such as this are further heightened by Maison 21G’s revolutionary AI-powered App, which guides customers in their choices. This unique digital journey will help visitors to the store define their scent personality based on their nationality, age, skin tone, olfactive preferences, mood and values in life, transforming the consumer experience into a truly bespoke, playful and memorable encounter.

Maison 21G: A Top-to-Bottom Sustainable Brand

Maison 21G is a brand which puts sustainability front and centre. The house takes great pride in offering a fully-transparent product journey to each and every customer.

The brand founder and CEO Johanna Monange quotes, “Sustainability is the new luxury in perfumery. We focus on what’s inside the bottle and aim to make the world of perfume more transparent, clean and educative”.

Maison 21G’s green solutions go far beyond packaging, blazing a new path for a decidedly less-than-perfect perfume industry to follow. Maison 21G’s perfume formulas contain no preservatives (as everything is freshly blended as part of their bespoke and personalised service), no harmful phthalates, GMO or CMR, and their products are vegan and cruelty-free across the board. They have banned the use of animal-derived products (such as Musk Deer) to be completely vegan, and to help achieve a perfectly “clean” signature scent without compromising the quality of the fragrance.

All Maison 21G scents are at least 90% biodegradable, and are made by IFF (designed and curated by the most renowned and talented master perfumers, such as Dominique Ropion, Anne Flipo, Carlos Benaim and others). This means that all fragrances are ethically sourced, as their journey can be traced from plant to perfume. The Maison assures that customers will craft only Eaux de Parfum with a minimum of 21% of concentration - an industry-beating concentration that once again sets them apart from the competition!

Finally, they aim to exclusively utilise recyclable or refillable packaging, and produce zero plastic waste in accordance with their ambitious and eco-conscious brand values, aligned with the ecological mindset of their millennial audience.

With such a unique approach, Maison 21G is on a mission to create a bespoke, greener, and more transparent perfumery. No wonder, therefore, their arrival in Dubai Hills is so eagerly awaited.

About Maison 21G

Maison 21G is the world's first collaborative luxury perfumery house of Scent designers. Headquartered in buzzing Singapore, Maison is a Parisian haute couture perfume house which enables consumers to tailor-make high-quality personalised signature fragrances, and to encapsulate the scent of your soul, said to weigh 21 grams!

A disruptive retail concept powered by e-commerce technology, Maison 21G makes fragrance creation accessible, sustainable, and above all, completely scalable. It is a revolutionary fragrance concept which combines an AI-guided personality quiz with expert perfumer insights, determining the right scent for each person according to their personality, moods, scent preference, and more, and with a unique collection of pairable perfume essences. With full customisation of the bottle label and ingredients, customers have complete freedom to express their individuality through scent. Maison 21G sells more than just scents but an experience, bringing joy back into the heart of perfumery, and restoring a real creative soul to the scent industry.

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