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Mama Rita’s Catering: Where Food is the Event

When it’s this time of year, who doesn’t want to channel their inner domestic host, or hostess, and plan an intimate gathering with close friends and loved ones? We certainly do and Mama Rita is more than happy to dish (pun intended) on her catering menu, featuring all-time favourites, that will guarantee an elegant, delicious, no-fuss get-together– making food the event.

Creativity, wholesome ingredients and a strong devotion to quality cuisine are the North Stars that guide Mama Rita’s overall cooking philosophy. The catering menu includes Mama Rita’s household staples from the appetizers like the Beetroot Hummus, to mains such as The Original Lasagna (hello, veggie option!) and the ever-popular Beef Stroganoff and finally, to the sweet treats of knefe, carrot or blueberry cake.

Bringing real food to people, Mama Rita’s catering menu is suitable for any type of occasion, be it one among close friends, family or even colleagues at a corporate gathering. With convenience and simplicity in mind, Mama Rita also serves all the dishes in their very own branded serving platters, ensuring food safety and cutting down on your time spent in the kitchen (goodbye, plates in the kitchen sink!)

Your dream of hosting an ultimate, intimate fete is made easy, thanks to Mama Rita’s catering menu. You just need some hungry friends, a dining table and a Mama Rita-designed menu plan.

Once you’ve finalised the catering details, all you have to do is press send on that group-invite chat.

Catering details:

· Contact Mama Rita 72 hours in advance

· Contact email:

· Mama Rita’s customer service will contact you for further details


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