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Maria Tash Releases Charm Capsule Collection

Maria Tash releases a new Charm Capsule Collection featuring linear diamond designs which utilize versatility and controlled movement to deliver an unexpected and dramatic effect on the ear. This capsule introduces two new bar designs that represent an evolution of the classic Maria Tash Diamond Eternity Ring: Diamond Eternity Bar Charms and Diamond Eternity Bar Threaded Charm Earrings. Each style, charm and threaded earring alike, is precisely engineered to follow the wearer’s natural movement without compromising comfort.

“I wanted to design an extension of our best-selling eternity rings that emphasizes beauty and detail from all angles. This goal was achieved by using new mechanisms to create controlled motion, and by incorporating two styles into one piece of jewelry,” says founder Maria Tash. “My new charms feature double-sided gemstones that are low profile and can be reversed for two distinct aesthetics. The studs can also be flipped for a diamond or gold face. Both the charms and studs move with the wearer and I designed several lengths and gem combinations so clients can layer and create dramatic pairings.”

Maria’s exceptional attention to detail shines through with these new designs. The Diamond Eternity Bar Charms feature five length options ranging from 7mm to 50mm and two stone combinations: white diamond with blue sapphire and white diamond with black diamond. Each piece is reversible, offering two looks in one. The milgrain texture down the side creates an alluring look from every angle. The integration of a specially designed hinge in the extended 50mm length offers the gemstone sections controlled movement along one axis, front to back. The Diamond Eternity Bar Charms are surprisingly lightweight and can be paired with many existing Maria Tash eternity ring designs. The charms can also be added to the front or back of any stud for a versatile, showstopping statement.

The Diamond Eternity Bar Threaded Charm Earrings feature the same bullet shape and perfectly crafted mechanism found in the Floating Diamond Charm Threaded Studs introduced in Maria’s Fall/Winter Collection. The structure grants subtle movement and the designs look beautiful emerging from the Tash HelixSM and Tash Hidden RookSM or they can be styled in more traditional piercing placements. These come in three lengths ranging from 7mm to 18mm and can be worn singly or combined for a graduated look. These pieces can also be flipped for two looks: diamond on one side, and a sleek gold ray effect on the back.

The new Charm Capsule Collection will be available to shop online on,, and in select Maria Tash locations globally beginning March 9, 2021.


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