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The youngest Fatma Mostafa, winner of the 2022 Fashion Trust Arabia is the designer in the latest chapter of MAX&Co. &Co.llaboration.

A multi-hyphenate artist and craftsperson, Fatma Mostafa works across a variety of visual disciplines including painting, embroidery, photography and design. The daughter of a seamstress, her mother taught her different embroidery techniques at a young age. Following university in Cairo, where she majored in painting, in 2017 Fatma channelled her cross-disciplinary interests into her eponymous jewellery brand which incorporated Mostafa’s love of art and embroidery.


The Capsule - Elham, an Arabic name which means Inspiration, takes its cues from the strength and beauty of nature, as well as the crafts that consistently inspire Fatma. The Capsule brings out eccentricity notes, differentiating itself with colours and materials.

Her inspiration is a mix of Egyptian landscapes as the countryside on the edge of the Nile and Monet's paintings with water lilies.

Highlights include a striking lion necklace, a cheetah bracelet and rings and earrings which feature painterly depictions of landscapes. These are joined by ready-to-wear jewels, like delicate, appliquéd tulle tees, ribbed tanks with gold detailing, and Mostafa’s take on the signature MAX&Co. logo T-shirt, here reimagined with floral detailing.




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