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Messika Beyond the LightOpus II

Artistic Director Valérie Messika continues to explore the fascinating, mysterious world of ancient Egypt as she unveils the second opus from Beyond the Light: a radiant, powerful high jewellery collection.

Following the success of Beyond the Light’s first opus, launched at the Paris High Jewellery week last July, Messika unveils her second opus at an exceptional Paris Fashion Week show in September.

With this new opus, the Parisian Maison elaborates on a unique and mystical journey. It’s a magical odyssey, where excellence and daring come together masterfully to create incandescent, majestic jewels.

In these pieces, the power of architectural lines are combined with the purity of geometric shapes, enriching Messika’s offering, particularly when it comes to the work on coloured gemstones such as turquoise, malachite, onyx and aventurine. From headpieces and belly chains to double rings worn off-centre, each piece hugs a different part of the body and is a statement of Messika’s unique style.

With pure lines, freedom of movement and a strong colour palette featuring contrasting tones and plays of the light, Valérie Messika reinvents a retrofuturistic symphony with a subtle hint of Egypt.



The iconic Move Uno pattern is shown through an imperial set in the colours of the Nile. Onyx, aventurine, turquoise and malachite combine with gold and diamonds in very symbolic polychromatic offerings.

Ancient Egypt placed a high significance on the use of colours and what they represented. With polychromic finishings and painted decorations, the Egyptians were masters in the art of combining colours, which highlights the symbolism and spiritual inspiration in ancient Egyptian art.

Each shade reflects an inspiring energy; deep blue for the dark night, turquoise for the Nile, green for vegetation and black for fertility.

In this exceptional set, the colours of the stones create beautiful pairings. This detailed selection of gems gives the whole suite a unique strength. The sets are available in bold combinations: Malachite and yellow gold, Onyx and white gold, aventurine glass and rose gold, turquoise and yellow gold, and an all-gold set.


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