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As Eid-Al Adha is around the corner, celebrate with a jewellery sentiment from MKS Jewellery. Every creation handmade with 18 karat gold to be treasured in any jewellery collection and be passed down for years to come. Whether a special gift for yourself or an Eid endearment for a loved one, the curated edit below will have any woman looking her best for Eid and year-round too:

Lulu Cube Collection - AED 4,900+

Add a touch of red to an Eid outfit with the geometric combination of The Lulu Cube from the Future Heritage collection. The use of hand-cut red carnelian is a historical reference to the Middle East, making the pieces a luxurious Eid gift for any woman looking for a modern, minimal accessory. These are the perfect addition to your loved one’s jewellery collection.

Heart Compass Chain Rings - AED 1,750

With a design inspired by the compass, Sea Signs are decorated with hearts and hand-crafted using different coloured Enamels. Available in Pink Sky, Earth Green, Sky Blue and Night Sky the charming rings are an enchanting Eid gift for any woman looking to add a subtle pop of colour to her Eid outfit.

Always Love Diamond Earrings - AED 10,400

Enthralling pieces incorporating heart details embellished in 18k gold and diamonds. Always Love Diamond Earrings are a classic yet glamorous way to say “I love You” for Eid. Available in both Yellow Gold and Rose Gold.


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