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MKS Jewellery Encapsulates the True Heritage of the Emirati Woman

H.H. Sheikha Mariam symbolizes her passion for the UAE through expressive designs

MKS Jewellery takes pride in the Emirati heritage which encapsulates the vision for the fine jewellery brand. Founded and Designed by H.H. Sheikha Mariam bint Khalifa bin Saif Al Nahyan, Emirati history is symbolically expressed throughout the designs of the fine jewellery creations. A tribute for Emirati Women’s Day, MKS Jewellery pays homage with creations that are both timeless and multigenerational.

Women are key contributors to our society, our culture, and our entire way of life. By celebrating their achievements and contributions we can all grow closer together in our own unique ways.” says H.H. Sheikha Mariam.

The exquisite Sea Signs collection takes a nod to the pearl divers of the UAE. Hand-crafted with 18 karat gold and Mother of Pearl, the creations blend nautical and galactic themes with the use of stars designed to illustrate Al Otaiba’s passion for the glowing night sky.

The Future Heritage Collection looks to women pushing boundaries on how to wear jewellery, while the use of hand-cut red carnelian in Lulu Cube is a historical reference to the UAE. MKS Jewellery takes classic Emirati gemstones to express the stories of the UAE’s ancestral heritage and revives them through contemporary design with the Lulu Cube creations.

Inspired by the rope that Emirati pearl divers historically used out at sea, Promise Knots collection incorporates an ultra-simplified rope detail throughout the designs. Created with 18 karat gold and Saltwater Emirati pearl, the subtle details pay homage to the UAE and embody the history of the Emirati heritage.

 Every creation from MKS Jewellery is handmade with 18 karat gold from locally sourced fine materials to be treasured in any jewellery collection and passed down for years to come.

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