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MKS Jewellery Presents ‘Sea Signs’ from the All New Al Otaiba Collection

Pieces Reminiscent of the Stars to Remind the Wearer to Always Follower Their Dreams

Drawing inspiration from H.H. Sheikha Mariam bin Khalifa bin Saif Al Nayan’s great grandfather, Al Otaiba translates in English to ‘The King of Pearls’ and the new collection looks to tell stories of Sheikha Mariam’s ancestry, honoring UAE heritage and bringing it to the present through modern interpretations.

Proudly using Emirati pearls as well as the classic mother of pearl, the handcrafted creations are a marriage of past and present through the stories they tell and through their thoughtful design. The collection; comprised of necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings, incorporates five storylines that reference back to the nation’s pearl heritage and reflect on Otaiba in different ways, all the while keeping a contemporary feel and elevated aesthetic in order to speak to new generations.

When pearl divers were out at sea, they would use a compass and look up at the stars to locate where they were. With a design inspired by the compass, MKS Jewellery’s Sea Signs are decorated with sparkling diamond stars, reminiscent of those same magical stars we imagine Otaiba looked at, to remind the wearer to always follow her dreams and to never stop the pursuit in finding her own magic.

"These symbols and storylines celebrate this land and its people. The UAE is me and I am the UAE, this is my story in all its beautiful symbolic ways. Curated is a stack of special creations, coming together piece by piece to share different parts of its treasures both in its gems and meaningful treasures".  -  HRH Sheikha Mariam Saif Al Nahyan.

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