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HRH Sheikha Mariam, Founder and Designer of MKS Jewelry, is celebrating, supporting and empowering women through her latest collection – the Floating Promise collection.

The promise knot is a symbol of trust and connection inspired by the rope. It is emblematic of a promise to remain connected to your inner self and your loved ones, while taking control of your personal narrative.

The Floating Promise collection serves as a reminder that we are all suspended in time in the rich tapestry of life, and while being connected to ourselves and loved ones, we must always strive to rise above the challenges presented in life. Dainty and delicate, the pieces seem to be floating on the wearer’s skin, lending an airy quality to the pieces.

The collection was created to support the initiative 'Here to Listen' born out of MKS’ love for self-expression. The pieces were created to support women to keep flourishing as they do so. Proceeds from sales will support organizations to support their non profit activities, provide funding to support female survivors of abuse, funding wellness checks, subsidizing long term therapy for healthcare workers and more.

“The promise knot is a true favorite and has become a signature piece for the brand. Combining our essential heart symbolism which is rooted in sentimentality with the rope detailing which came from the Al Yada (the rope that connects the pearl river to the Seib on the ship, the line of trust.) A knot is a sure promise — that symbolism of the ‘Promise’ was the perfect fit. The floating aspect is discreet, beautiful and easily layered. We wanted this piece to become second skin so you will notice the charity special editions always float. Wearing this piece the woman is reminded of her promise, to stand up for women around the world that need a voice, even a reminder to herself to keep her voice.” – HRH Sheikha Mariambint Khalifa bin Saif al Nahyan

MKS Jewellery is NOW available at:

Tryano – Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi (newly opened)

Saks Fifth Avenue – Bahrain City Center, Bahrain (newly opened)

Mira Y Mano Riyadh (newly opened)

Louvre Boutique – Abu Dhabi Qasr AlWatan – Abu Dhabi

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