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MODBEAUTYKEEPER (MBK) answers the call of every make-up obsessed hijabi wearer to help tackle one of their main and common beauty concerns: to avoid stains and smears on their hijabs while applying make-up. MBK’s versatile handwoven tool is made to do just this, and is adjustable to fit every style of hijab. It allows for modest application of complexion products while keeping headwear clean, pristine and stain-free.

Founded in Dubai by New York native Nandi K. Barker, the pioneering first-of-its-kind product is cruelty-free, sustainable and reuseable. Perfect for on the go MUAs, beauty influencers and for recording at-home beauty tutorials, MODBEAUTYKEEPER encourages an inclusive beauty market for modest make-up lovers.

The simple 5-step guide to applying the MODBEAUTYKEEPER is as follows:

STEP ONE: Peel off the plastic tabs to expose the adhesive.

STEP TWO: Align corners with upper hijab area and press the sticky side onto hijab.

STEP THREE: Position MODBEAUTYKEEPER comfortably around the face.

STEP FOUR: Firmly press down on hijab to ensure the sticky side is locked on.

STEP FIVE: Adjust the product to make sure it covers the hijab and opens up the face.

The essential beauty tool comes in a reuseable pouch to keep your MBK hygenic and safe, ready for each and every use. Priced at just AED 80 for the Single MODBEAUTYKEEPER and AED 110 for the Double up, both include 6 pairs of the Peel-Press-Release Adhesive pads. These can also be purchased separately at AED 45 for a pack of 30 pairs.

To find out more about MODBEAUTYKEEPER or purchase your new favourite beauty tool, visit or stay up to date on social by following and


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