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Montblanc Bohème Collection:When the Sun and Moon Finally Meet

The new Montblanc Bohème Collection is all about making even your craziest dreams come true

There is a famous French song by Charles Trenet from 1939 whose lyrics go something like this in English: “The sun has a rendezvous with the moon, but the moon is not there, and the sun is left waiting”. It is the sad reality of two lovers whose paths are not destined to cross. One is expecting the other who will never be able to come.

Le soleil a rendez-vous avec la lune

Mais la lune n’est pas là et le soleil attend…

The new Montblanc Bohème timepieces are for women who aim for the stars. Their confidence, creativity, and dreams are limitless, so for them, Montblanc has allowed the sun to finally steal a kiss from the moon!

A Fairytale Scene

The new dial of the Montblanc Bohème model depicts a fairytale scene with fluffy mother-of-pearl clouds and a new day/night disc that shows whether it is daytime or nighttime thanks to different gradients of blue sky enhanced with rays of light. As the sun rises, the moon sets and vice versa. But at midnight, something truly magical happens when the sun returns to defy physics and kiss the moon, reminding the watch’s owner that anything is possible if you dare to dream it.

The Montblanc Bohème Collection is not just a style, it is a state of mind. This spirit is captured in the collection for powerful and feminine women who are destined to leave their mark.

New Montblanc Bohème Editions

Available in 30mm or 34mm, several new Montblanc Bohème editions come in a choice of a stainless steel or rose gold case fitted with an onion-shaped crown with a mother-of-pearl insert. Each timepiece is sold with two calfskin straps with an alligator motif – one in white and the other in blue. The straps can be quickly and easily switched by the watch’s owner thanks to Montblanc’s interchangeable strap system that needs no tools. There is also a stainless-steel version with a matching stainless-steel bracelet.

All the Details

Going into the details, the viewer will notice how the naturally iridescent mother-of-pearl lends itself to the texture of the clouds, which are outlined with a delicate rose-gold-coated thread. The moon’s face is rhodium-coated for a silvery allure and is accompanied by little stars, dancing in the night’s sky. The hour hand is shaped in the form of the sun, while the minute hand is leaf-shaped, and the second hand depicts Montblanc’s emblematic star that becomes a shooting star here.

Elegant 6-9-12 rose-gold-coated floral indexes are joined by eight diamond indexes on the dial and a blue date appears in an almond-shaped aperture at six o’clock. All the timepieces are powered by an automatic movement, which is visible through the sapphire crystal caseback.

Celestial Beings

The beauty of the sun and the moon is that they speak to people all over the world, whatever their culture or beliefs. The sun is generally associated with strength, rebirth, and power, while the moon is representative of femininity and is sometimes depicted as a goddess. These two celestial beings provide sources of light that illuminate our world, but when they come together, anything can happen!


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