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Mouawad launches festive season campaign featuring the Mouawad Timeless Collection

Be Forever Festive

The joy of receiving the gift of diamonds, the eternal radiance of these shimmering gems, the timeless elegance of Mouawad designs and its passion for crafting the extraordinary: all these and more are encapsulated in the new Mouawad festive season campaign.

At the time of year when temperatures fall and landscapes are transformed into winter wonderlands, Mouawad is launching its #ForeverFestiveWithMouawad campaign with a video featuring all the magic of icicles and snowflakes, creating a poetic backdrop to the stars of the season, Mouawad’s Timeless Collection. The timeless allure of these diamond creations is highlighted by their frosty surroundings, emphasizing that their eternal beauty is frozen in time, ever sophisticated and ever desirable.

Using only diamonds of the finest quality to maximize brilliance, the Timeless Collection’s 18-karat white gold jewelry is artistically worked to give value to the central diamonds and colored stones. With the hashtag #ForeverFestiveWithMouawad, Mouawad’s festive season campaign invites everyone to discover the unforgettable bliss of its Timeless Collection.

Fourth generation Co-Guardians Fred, Alain and Pascal Mouawad commented, “It is no coincidence that diamonds are often described as having an icy fire, a term that embodies their purity, power and wondrous beauty. Now, with the festive season upon us, the Timeless Collection is an exceptional selection of diamond-set jewelry with a brilliance that eludes time, giving everyone the opportunity to give the gift that is forever festive.”

Click here to watch the video and to discover more of Mouawad’s Timeless Collection, schedule an appointment  now.



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