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Msheireb Museums hosts lecture on ‘Islam and the Environment as part of ‘Earth Talk’ series

Organised in partnership with the Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCMQ)

Msheireb Museums, the leading cultural and tourist destination at Msheireb Downtown Doha, in partnership with Arab Youth Climate Movement Qatar (AYCMQ), hosted the second lecture in the Earth Talk Series on the topic, ‘Islam and the Environment’.

The ‘Earth Talk’ series is held every two months and features influential local and global experts who discuss a wide range of topics related to sustainability.

Held at Bin Jelmoud House, the lecture covered an introduction to Islamic Environmental Ethics, its practical applications, and its role in addressing the climate crisis.

Three keynote speeches were delivered by H.E. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Sada, Assistant Undersecretary, Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, (MoECC), HE Mr Timmy T. Davis, U.S. Ambassador to the State of Qatar, and Mr. Abdulla Al-Naama, Manager Msheireb Museums. The main presentation and talk were by Mark Bryant (Abdallah Bryant), Senior Consultant, Islamic Foundation for Ecology and Environmental Science and EcoIslam, United Kingdom.

H.E. Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Al-Sada said that environmental protection is an important aspect of Islam and other regions, highlighting the responsibility of Muslims to care for the environment proactively. “Protection of the environment is an integral part of Islamic beliefs, and mankind has the responsibility to safeguard nature. We must take all necessary measures to ensure the preservation and protection of the environment and should pass this value to our coming generations in the best way possible.”

Mr. Abdulla Al-Naama, Manager Msheireb Museums highlighted the role of Msheireb Museums in raising awareness of such topics and promoting sustainability among community members. “The Earth Talks series is informative and insightful, with the second lecture focusing on introducing Islamic Environmental Ethics and its practical applications in addressing the climate crisis. It is important to further the conversation around the intersection of religion and the environment, and we should all take positive action to create a sustainable future for all”, he added.

Mark Bryant (Abdallah Bryant) delivered a detailed presentation showing how Islam urges people to conserve resources and protect the environment. He said: “These aspects are highlighted in the principles of Islam and the Quran. Islam has a very strong environmental ethic, and Islam is environmental. Muslims often need to relearn this because it is part of their faith, and we need to emphasize this part in our life to save ourselves and the rest of the planet and be good Muslims.”

Bryant highlighted the importance of such lectures to learn from the past for securing a better future. “I am excited to be here at Msheireb Museums in Qatar to exchange thoughts and insights, and I am confident that such talks will help spread our positive messages to the wider community.”

Previously held at Qatar National Library, Qatar Foundation, and other venues in Doha, the Earth Talk lectures have drawn a wide range of community members, high-level officials, and educators interested in sustainability.

The series fulfils Msheireb Downtown Doha and Msheireb Museums' commitment to be leaders in sustainability and innovation and to advance the local conversation on the issues of climate change, ecological challenges and solutions, and corporate social responsibility.

Leading intellectuals and policymakers spark discussions on how to make a transformative change in the community for a better sustainable future. The series also invites representatives of NGOs and development agencies to provide on-the-ground perspectives.

Msheireb Museums, the cultural and tourist destination in Msheireb Downtown Doha, organizes and hosts several educational and awareness programs in collaboration with prominent local and international organizations. The museums play an integral role in supporting various social, cultural, educational, and art initiatives which give back to the community.


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