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Msheireb Museums hosts special art workshop to connect people with their childhood

Msheireb Museums, the renowned cultural and tourist destination located at Msheireb Downtown Doha, recently hosted a unique art workshop for adults to rekindle their childhood memories.

The workshop, titled "Nostalgia," was held at Radwani house, one of the four heritage houses of Msheireb Museums, under the guidance of mentor Amira Rahdi.

The participants utilized natural and eco-friendly colors in line with the International Council of Museums' sustainability theme for the year. They were encouraged to tap into their inner creativity and express their emotions to connect with their younger selves.

The workshop is a part of Msheireb Museums' year-round programs that leverage art to enhance mental and psychological health. Msheireb Museums serves as an educational and cultural hub that goes beyond just tourism and history. It plays an integral role in raising awareness and educating the community.

Msheireb Museums at Msheireb Downtown Doha have established several national and international partnerships, adding tremendous value to Qatar's cultural and social landscape, and positioning it as a leading center for community engagement.


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