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Néoporté, the new way of wearing an accumulation of jewels, is more than ever a signature style set by Messika. The art of mixing jewels with an audacious attitude is the reference of a new elegance. Our offer is one that combines modernity, a blend of shapes and materials, an invitation to play with rings, bracelets or pendants, and to revisit timeless pieces from the House.

A visionary and trendsetter in design, Valérie Messika has come up with a new way of wearing jewelry. Each piece is a musical note. Every design presents an added touch of color. Like an artist, everyone is free to express themselves and create their own style and identity. As a new trend, this way of wearing allows for timeless designs which are always renewed without feeling dated.

Lighten up your decolletage at the office or in the evenings by mixing necklaces. Dare to use color with the Lucky Move Color collection and add a touch of rock and swing to your wrists with My Move. As the lead jewels of the new season, these bracelets are a subtle combination of colorful leathers, gold and diamonds. Through this line, Valérie Messika offers a new palette of color and materials to mix styles endlessly by choosing the Move pattern and the bracelet of your choice. Néoporté is more than a new way of wearing. It is a celebration of the marriage of leather and diamonds, leading to more daring yet customizable creations.


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