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“We are bringing you the most advanced skincare, clean makeup and wellness products, along with the most inspiring true stories about beauty.” - Najla Alfardan

Entrepreneur, certified nutritionist & skincare expert, Najla Alfardan is the country’s young new businesswoman to watch out for. Her expertise in the world of wellness and beauty is the foundation of her brand new initiative, Qiyorro that has launched today. Qiyorro is Qatar’s first conscious beauty e-commerce platform, with which she aims to change the narrative of beauty in the region. “For too long, we have looked at beauty from a purely aesthetic perspective rather than a holistic one,” says Najla.

While there has been a surge of clean beauty brands that use organic ingredients or recyclable packaging, the concept of conscious beauty still remains fairly new to some of us. “To be conscious means to be aware, responsive and most importantly, responsible. Conscious beauty can often include clean beauty brands. But it’s also much more than plant-based ingredients or being cruelty-free or having sustainable packaging. Being conscious is an overall approach,” explains Ms Alfardan. “Being conscious means understanding that beauty is not just about how you look. That it’s the sum of parts – mental wellbeing, gut health, skincare, hair-care and most importantly, self love. This holistic approach is what makes our platform the first conscious beauty platform in Qatar.”

Ms Alfardan has been quite honest about her own experiences with skin issues, weight management and digestive health. It took extensive research and self-education for her to realize that all these issues are interconnected. Now that she knows better and is more conscious of the choices she makes when it comes to diet, lifestyle and skincare products, she wants more people to benefit from her knowledge. One visit to her Instagram profile and you’ll swiftly understand how good skin starts with good gut health. For an even greater understanding of how this link between nutrition, skin and overall wellbeing works, you will have to visit her website


The website is not just home to a carefully curated set of advanced skincare, makeup, hair care & wellness products, it’s also a place for expert recommendations.

“We have Is Clinical which is the ultimate advanced skincare line. There’s the legendary Goldfaden MD. Benton, Rovectin and Iunik are fabulous K-beauty brands and Ere Perez &, Jane Iredale offer some of the best clean makeup in the world. The list is growing every day though,” confirmed Najla.

But the intention is also to eventually make Qiyorro a space for the community to share their personal stories and struggles with beauty. “Beauty means different things for different people. It’s also important to recognize that no one solution works for everyone. That’s exactly why it’s so important for us to learn from one another’s experiences,” says the young beauty expert. Crystal clear on her path ahead, she says, “Instead of creating yet another company that sets new standards of beauty, I want to empower both men & women to take ownership of what beauty means to them. The goal is to help people feel proud and confident in their own skin.”

Despite having achieved a lot at this young age, Najla remains humble, “Being surrounded by so many successful entrepreneurs and strong women role models was inspiration enough for me to start my business. I always knew I wanted to create something that was unique and personal to me.”

Qiyorro, however, is just the first chapter for her. She is also bringing the first Orangetheory Fitness studio to the country while thinking of new business ideas in the world of beauty & wellbeing.

For more information about her new initiative, visit


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