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Celebrating Peruvian coffee craftsmanship, Nespresso introduces Master Origin Peru Organic

Coffee lovers around the world will soon experience the nuanced complexity behind Peruvian coffee craftsmanship as Nespresso adds its first certified organic coffee to the Master Origins range of its Vertuo system.

Building on the current coffees available in that range, Nespresso’s Master Origin Peru Organic transports coffee connoisseurs high into the slopes of the Andes to discover an elegant coffee graced with smooth toasted cereal and fruit notes.

Searching the remote Andean slopes in the North East of Peru, each cup of Master Origin Peru Organic tells the story of those hardworking farmers who have honed their craft to grow the finest organic Arabica coffee beans.

Yassir Corpataux, Nespresso MEA Coffee Ambassador mentioned“The Master Origins range is a celebration of craftsmanship, and our Master Origin Peru Organic coffee is a perfect example of this. Searching across the most secluded Peruvian regions to discover the finest organic Arabica coffee beans, we have been able to create the perfect coffee inspired by Peru’s rich organic coffee history. We have worked with meticulous smallholder farmers to source these prized organic beans and applied our Nespresso roasting expertise to create our first at-home organic cup - a unique and elegant coffee that celebrates organic Peruvian coffee expertise.”

Available for the Vertuo system, Master Origin Peru Organic is a single origin specially roasted to highlight the bright and smooth character of the coffee, while revealing an exotic fruitiness. Each cup is accented by smooth toasted cereal notes with floral aromas and rich sweetness.

While Master Origin Peru Organic is best served black as an espresso, coffee lovers can also enjoy as a Latte Macchiato thanks to its well-balanced, milky character and sweet caramel, nutty tones.


Adding Master Origin Peru Organic to its Master Origins range signals an important new milestone towards Nespresso’s long-term vision for regenerative agriculture. Organic farming and practices are part of the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, which now spans over 110,000 farmers across 14 countries.

Crafted according to Nespresso’s strictest supply chain controls and extensive on-the-ground work with Peruvian farmers, the newest addition to the Master Origins range bolsters Peru’s specialty coffee reputation as one of the world’s leading organic exporters. This aligns closely with the Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality™ Program, which strive bring the highest coffee quality while helping to protect the natural ecosystems of coffee terroirs and improving the livelihood of coffee producers.

In its continuous quest for improvement, initiatives of the AAA Program include the development of farm management practices that support biodiversity conservation and the replenishment of natural resources. As a result, this has created a platform for highly productive and regenerative coffee cultivation across all AAA sourcing regions.

Gaining experience in organic coffee producing regions, such as Peru, allows Nespresso to bring exciting new coffee to its customers, while exploring and developing nature-based solutions to create a future that is truly regenerative through economically viable and socio-environmentally sustainable production.

Master Origin Peru Organic will be available permanently on Vertuo system, both online and at Nespresso boutiques from March 24th.

For more information on Nespresso’s Master Origins range, including coffee recipes and accessories, please visit


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