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NEW YEAR, NEW SKIN FOREO reveals 3 tips to stay glowing all the way into the new year

Dull skin is just another thing we wish to leave behind in 2020, but with the new year already under way it’s time to kick start your new beauty routine that will leave your skin glowing. FOREO revealed top tips on how you can make sure your complexion is looking brand new. Take note of the only resolution you need to know as you head into 2021.

Tip no.1: Don’t forget to cleanse

The chill of winter can take a toll on your skin, especially if you’re prone to a dry complexion. It’s important to cleanse every day to remove any dead skin cells from your face. Try using FOREO’s LUNA mini 3, paired with your cleanser, to give your skin an extra-gentle cleanse. With ultra-hygienic silicone touch points and t-sonic pulsations, the LUNA mini 3 is an investment of a lifetime. You’ll skin will thank you for it.

Tip no.2: Treat yourself to a mask

Nothing will get your skin glowing like a kick of moisture. To do this, try adding a mask into your skincare routine. However regularly adding a face mask into your routine seems like a luxury but with FOREO’s UFO 2, it’s a luxury that’s easily accessible. Pair with one of FOREO’s smart masks, and this device will feel like a spa at home. A luxury fascial in just 90 seconds, the UFO 2 uses heating and cooling technology as well as t-sonic pulsations to push the masks ingredients deep into your pores, ensuring you make the most out of every treatment.

Tip no.3: You are what you eat

It’s an old saying but it is still true, you are what you eat. Start the fresh new year off right and switch to healthy alternatives in your diet that you wouldn’t necessarily have chosen over junk food last year. By staying active and eating a healthy, balanced diet, your body will look and feel its best and in turn, so will your skin. After all, your skin is the biggest organ in your body and it acts like a mirror, you can tell the state of your health with just a glance.

Start the new year as you mean to go on, with a fresh, glowing, happy skin.

The LUNA mini 3 and UFO 2 are available at and Sephora Middle East for AED 790 and AED 1280. The UFO-activated Farm to Face Collection is now available at Sephora Middle East for AED 115 and includes 6 masks.


· Farm to Face: Green Tea (pack of 6): AED 115

· Farm to Face: Bulgarian Rose (pack of 6): AED 115

· Farm to Face: Coconut Oil (pack of 6): AED 115

· Farm to Face: Acai Berry (pack of 6): AED 115

· Farm to Face: Manuka Honey (pack of 6): AED 115


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