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NUE Hoops launches the Emerald Stacking Charm as part of the new Stacking Collection

Inspired by NUE Hoops’ love for India, the Emerald Stacking Charm is a nod to Indian craftsmanship and the first launch as part of the new ‘Stacking Collection’.

This emerald stacking charm has a hook on the back, enabling it to be stacked vertically, or as a ‘connector’ for other charms to hang off. The novel concept opens up new ways of styling existing hoops and charms, or stacking multiple stacking charms on top of each other for the ultimate playful, personal creations that stand out.

The Emerald Stacking Charm is a natural certified emerald encased in a gold-plated or silver artisanal-style halo and this launch coincides with it being the birthstone of the month of May, making it a thoughtful, unique gift. The choice of launching a certified emerald also stems from the success of the existing Claudia Emerald charm.

The emerald charm marks NUE Hoops’ second demi-fine product introduction, following their much-loved aquamarine charm with a solid gold bezel in March 2022. NUE Hoops plans to continue expanding their ‘affordable fine’ jewellery range in the coming year.


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