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OO1 Skincare - A luxury skincare brand

Facial mists and toners are quickly becoming our summer must-have, cooling and refreshing; they are an effortless hydration booster, brighten tired complexions and even revitalize makeup.

OO1 skincare is a luxury skincare brand, founded by Ada Ooi, facialist and acupuncturist to a string of famous faces and her Pure Lavender Hydrolat Toner is the epitome of a summer complexion multi-tasker.

This multi-use product promises to soothe, tone, tighten and balance for the ultimate skin-pick me up. Consisting of 99% pure hydrolat from high grade Lavender, this clever mist balances skin Ph, refines pores and enhances skin hydration. Expertly formulated so that it can be used as a cleanser, toner, makeup setting mist and even a mask, Ada ensures not a single skincare woe is left uncovered.

Hydrolat is the distillate collected during the steam distillation of plant extracts and this particular toner contains the pure hydrolat collected from the distillation of superior grade lavender. Lavender’s complex structure means that it has a plethora of anti-inflammatory and fortifying benefits.

With a mist noticeably finer than most similar products on the market, this calming elixir can be sprayed directly onto the skin or applied using a cotton pad. To use as a mask, Ada recommends saturating cotton pads with the product and placing on top of the face for up to five minutes as a quick solution to tired, dry skin.

Available in 30ml or 100ml, priced at £20 and £38 respectively, this product can currently be purchased at


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