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Paco Rabanne Lady Million Fabulous

Following in the footsteps of Lady Million, and Lady Million Empire, Paco Rabanne introduces the new feminine fragrance: Lady Million Fabulous.

Lady Million Fabulous is created to accompany the hypnotic thrill of music and the rushing joy of dance, because life is best lived to an entrancing, energizing, beat.

Whether it’s on account of her exuberant, charismatic spirit, or her extravagant, party-girl style, all eyes are on Lady Million Fabulous as she heads across the floor. Deeply fabulous and dressed to impress, when the party’s on, she’s in her power.

The new Fabulous campaign shot by Daniel Sannwald shows the now familiar face of Simona Kust, and Londone Meyers stepping into the party lights.

Simona Kust, is frequently on the cover of fashion’s most iconic titles and often found on the catwalk for the big name shows. At her side shines Londone Meyers, also the face of Lady Million Empire.

Equally fabulous is the master brand campaign, featuring Simona Kust and Joey Bada$$. The Brooklyn-born, committed hip-hop artist, actor he is the spokeperson of 1 Million Parfum. A new take on the original. Together, tonight they stride out at night, king and queen of the night all dressed in Paco Rabanne.

fragrance - a feel good floral oriental

Lady Million Fabulous was created by Anne Flipo, who is also “the perfumer-creator” behind the original Lady Million. For her Lady Million Fabulous takes the woman who wears it on an ultra-sensual journey. It is for someone to feel playful, extrovert and absolutely fabulous.

A perfume designed as a mix of shining, solar notes and white florals - that clash with the magnetic sensuality of an Oriental woody base.

The intro is sparkling, with fresh pink pepper and mandarin that open the melody with a vibrant beat.

Flamboyant tuberose and an exotic blend of white flowers (jasmine, ylang-ylang) next take centre stage, with all the powerful radiance of a midnight sun. Smooth, addictive vanilla is faceted with tonka bean, cashmere woods and moss, to bring a powerful all-night feel-good glow.

An illuminating fragrance that radiates with an exuberant sensual joy, so that like in a trance, all you want to do is dance.

Bottle – dressed to impress

Lady Million’s diamond bottle is now dressed for the party in glittering black.

Ever more fabulous, with a spirit that sparkles all through the night.

The radiant sun motif catches the light for layers that shine with the daring luxe of gold.

Fabulously extravagant, fabulously decadent. It’s time to shine!

The Lady Million family

Whether she’s creating her Empire or just being her intensely Fabulous self, Lady Million has the choice of a fragrance portfolio as rich and faceted as she is.

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