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It was once upon a time. Not Quite such a very long time ago. About 150 years.

William was a barber. Penhaligon was his name. He had left behind his Cornish sea, took a train and before long was hanging the sign with his name above the new barber’s shop on Jermyn Street.



We love nothing better than a Club House get-together, Whomsoever the opponent and whatever the weather.

So it’s into our tennis whites, soon the nets are in sight. No stopping us now, the ball is in flight. (If I’m honest all the players put up a jolly decent fight.)

But as every one knows it’s not the winning that counts And we indeed all participate fully to avoid being trounced. Above all it’s the upholding of fair play - it’s a gentlemanly sport. Elegance is a precious thing both on and off the court.

A perfume that brings clarity and tenacity whilst being reassuring in its ease and familiarity.

Racquets has an uplifting sparkling-citrus shine, that takes us to an invigorated, playful state of mind. ...Bright lemons bounce, and elegant woods soar... then blend with a leather that’s both soft and refined.

A new modern interpretation of Racquets, an old favourite from the Penhaligon’s classics library.


Lemon essence

Gaiac wood




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