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Plume Impression

Plume Impression is an artistic niche perfume brand expressing the duality of a feather being fragile yet very strong. Created by Sabine Schaffer, Plume Impression stands for freedom, sophistication and the lightness of being. 


Sabine is from Salzburg, Austria the town of Mozart. She spent most her childhood with her mother, in one of the most frequented fragrance store in Salzburg. Very quickly, she became the youngest fragrance expert in Salzburg. Indeed, her passion for fragrances was so strong that she spent most of her free time in the perfumery boutique owned by a family friend.

By the age of twelve, a shop manager realised Sabine was actually helping and giving advice to clients, simply out of passion, curiosity and generosity. Few years later, the boutique owner offered Sabine a job as fragrance consultant, which allowed her to practice her senses and strengthen her knowledge. In just few week, the perfumery’s popularity increased greatly, as people were coming to get « the youngest and cutest fragrance recommendation in town ».

Many years, later, after having worked on several private fragrance projects in the Middle-East, Sabine eventually decided to achieve her dream and create her own fragrance line.

Her vision was very simple and resulted directly from her experience as a young perfume expert. Back then, she realised that she could “see” and not only smell the fragrances. Each one would form images in her mind, tell her stories, take her to places. She would not necessarily know all ingredients but she would clearly know which scent fit customer’s mood and desire. As Sabine, who is also a yoga teacher, puts it: “It’s all about the story, close your eyes and inhale”


Plume Impression consists of 2 collections and 6 fragrances.

Committed to creating long-lasting perfectly blended scents, with strong sillage and projection.

The Elusive Spirit collection:

This collection of three fragrances represents the beautiful lightness of being.

Delicate yet strong, the fragrances in this collection take you on a journey of sensuality and grace carried by your wonderful imagination.

Murmure d’Eté: An invigorating blend of green bright notes.

Elegant fig and delicate woods perfectly support each other in radiant harmony.

Eclat de Joie: Citrus notes launch this fragrance and set the tone for an exciting journey.

Spices interplay with soft white flowers till the luxurious musky veil eventually wraps you like a second skin.

Etat de Grâce : Timeless modernity best qualifies this powerful yet sensual fragrance.

Hypnotizing tuberose delicately surrounded by soft woods and the balanced sweetness of the tonka bean.

Royal Spirit Collection:

This trilogy portrays the pride to be.

Wonderfully intense, the fragrances in this collection take you on a mesmerizing journey of mysterious luxury.

Rivalité Impériale: Dry fruits engage with spices right from the start, catching immediately your attention. You remain captivated as amber and vanilla enter this elegant dance, following in the footsteps of luxurious sandalwood.

Dualité Magnifique: This is a fragrance with two facettes, both equally magnificent.

Amber and oud create a mysterious feeling to this otherwise glamorous journey, rose and saffron carefully nestled in a well crafted leather case.

Elégance Cuirée: A perfect interplay of strength and elegance opening with a fresh twist.

Leather and vetyver play an important, grandiose role.

Woods and smoky notes achieve this refined masterpiece, a perfume for the mondaine connoisseur.


« Scents form beautiful memories and beautiful memories want to be treasured.

Plume allows you to combine those cherished moments along with your favourite scent in a beautifully crafted picture frame ».

The standard picture size allows us to insert any photography and cherish the memory associated to it.

Amazing retail experience:

This unique concept allows the clients to gain trust and a special interaction with the sales person.

Provided with a small printer, the store can immediately print any photo from a client to offer an amazing retail experience through a perfume souvenir.


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