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Project bYouty is a multifaceted e-commerce platform and community centered around the billion-dollar beauty industry and its most significant investor: the conscious consumer. Launching today with over 80 brands, the digital destination is anchored as the largest conscious beauty destination the Middle East has seen.

Entrusting consumers across the Gulf to live their most fulfilled lives, the Dubai-based destination retails cruelty-free, vegan, organic, halal, sustainable, homegrown and clean beauty and wellness brands, with cult skincare favourites and new brand discoveries mixed in equal measure. But more than that, Project bYouty is building a community, from the conscious suppliers and talented entrepreneurs to the women and men who are invested in protecting future generations as there is no planet b. Project bYouty is here to inspire, educate and provoke meaningful conversations.

“Project bYouty will be the conduit for conversation; conversation I hope will inspire women and men to talk more openly and shop more consciously, the last two years have offered us all a chance to reflect. Now, more than ever I don’t believe anyone presented with an alternative would deliberately shop a brand or use a product they know tests on animals or uses questionable ingredients let alone does damage one way or another to the environment.” Explains Project bYouty Founder, Amy Wilkinson-Lough, “The GCC is witnessing a premiumization trend within the beauty industry; consumers know what they want but are often overwhelmed by misinformation, unrealistic, heavily filtered imagery, complicated ingredient lists and unnecessarily high price tags. That frustration led me here to all things Project bYouty, a much-needed digital retreat for people in the Middle East, to be able to truly trust a Dubai-born company with an honest ethos and commitment to the environment.”

The platform aims to educate women and men on the importance of making informed decisions, what it means to them as individuals, what it means to society and why it is everyone’s responsibility to protect a future generation shifting the mindset of the audience from simply a consumer to a conscious consumer.

“Project bYouty goes deeper than skincare and selfcare, the platform will take the customer on a journey of self-discovery: spiritually, emotionally, and physically.” adds Amy.

Leading the sphere of identifying niche but most importantly effective beauty and wellness brands, the site has moved heaven and earth to secure exclusive and regional online firsts such as True Skincare, Votary, Mal & Mod, Mara, Augustinus Bader, Algenist, Emma Hardie, Bolt beauty, Hayou, Bynacht, UpCircle, War Paint For Men and many more. All brands on the site have been purposefully curated and have as standard two of the six Project bYouty attributes, cruelty-free being a non-negotiable facet.

With strict protocols in place to upgrade the region’s beauty offering – Project bYouty eliminates the ‘re- seller e-commerce risk’ that so many customers face when buying locally in the Middle East. All products are sourced directly from respective brands, eliminating the typical-to-the-region risk of supplying counterfeit items to the customers, or purchasing from a ‘re-seller’.

Determined to lead the way in reducing unnecessary, oversized packaging Project bYouty not only uses entirely recyclable packaging but so too acid-free tissue paper, printed with soy-based inks all of which is FSC certified. Entirely compostable mail bags made from a combination PBAT – a bio-based polymer, and PLA - a combination of regular field corn and wheat straw. The water-activated tape used to hold everything perfectly in place is 100% recycled and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. with a fully automated warehouse, orders across the GCC will be delivered within 24 hours from checkout with free shipping for orders above AED 250 within the UAE and free shipping for orders above AED 750 across other GCC countries including KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman – cash on delivery will remain an available option.

The easy to navigate and informative website features a reviews section where customers can freely share honest and authentic feedback on the products, tutorials delivered by real regional experts and a digital magazine ‘bYouty Files’ that tackles important subjects on mental health, self-love, and celebrate the gamechangers among us.

To join the conversation, please visit or follow the journey on Instagram at @projectbyouty.


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