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PUZZLE line put fun into AKILLIS’ collections

PUZZLE line put fun into AKILLIS’ collections. French designer Caroline Gaspard made the choice of using a strong, universal symbol, the PUZZLE, which everybody can refer too. The shape of the jigsaw PUZZLE will recall memories of childhood games, but it also represents life as a whole: Puzzle stands for destiny, a succession of various sequences added all together to create a unique life path.

Pendant earrings white gold full-set white diamonds 5,12 cts, 22,5 g

Ring Toi & Moi set with diamonds 16,22 cts, 1,82 g

Also very romantic, The Puzzle collection, epitomizes a love between two people: a couple or a mother and her child in a new playful signature.

The PUZZLE piece is also like the missing piece in one’s life. To offer someone PUZZLE jewel is a declaration that she or he may be THE special person.

Bracelet white gold half-set white diamonds 1,77 cts, 169 g

Pendant M set with diamonds 2,04 cts, 12,03 g

The collection is available in white gold, yellow gold and pink gold. Rings, bracelets, earrings and pendants are available in full gold or with diamond setting.White diamonds for a classic look or black diamonds for a touch of rock elegance. AKILLIS has also created a MINI PUZZLE line, a delicate selection of the best PUZZLE pieces in a MINI version.

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