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Qatar National Library Hosts Events for Qatar National Day 2023

December showcases a variety of activities focused on Qatar’s heritage and traditions

This December, Qatar National Library is marking Qatar National Day 2023 by offering a range of events catering to history enthusiasts, art lovers, and sports fans. The month's highlights include explorations of the world of pearls and diving in the Gulf region, discussions on Qatari traditional fashion, and insights into the history of horses in Qatar.

The Library kicks off its activities on 2 December with a creative writing workshop for children organized in collaboration with Qatar National Bank as part of its ‘Let’s Write a Story’ series.

On 3 December, the Library will launch the first of many activities to mark Qatar National Day starting with "A Journey into the World of Diving and Pearls in the Gulf", as part of the QNL Engage Podcast series. In the first episode, diver Mohamed Al-Sada will explore the history and culture of pearls across the region.

On 4 December, traditional Qatari women's fashion will be the focus of a lecture by Nadia Al-Manaei, a crafts and handicrafts instructor, who will discuss the aesthetic value of heritage and authenticity. Nadia will showcase the origins of traditional attire, stages of its evolution, and various stitches and embroidery techniques used in these garments.

On 5, 6 and 7 December, the focus will turn to technology with an open house tour at the QNL Assistive Technology Center to highlight accessibility features and services, available AT devices and online resources that allow visitors to make full use of the library.

The Library will resume its programs to mark Qatar National Day, holding a session on 5 December with historian Abdullah Al-Muhannadi who will discuss his private collection, his passion for history and his drive to preserve traditional heritage.

On 6 December, QNL will take guests on a journey to learn about the history of horses in Qatar with a tour of Al Shaqab, where visitors will explore the facilities, delve into the history of equestrianism in Qatar, and learn about its cultural place in the community.

The QNL Engage Podcast series returns on 10 December in a second episode titled “Rhythms of the Sea: Music and Diving in Qatar”. The episode will feature Mohamed Al-Sayegh, who will discuss traditional songs during diving season.\

Traditional Qatari weaving, known locally as al-sadu, will be the subject of a hands-on workshop designed exclusively for women on 13 December. Led by Zamelah Al-Mari, the workshop will dive into the art of weaving wool, a traditional craft rooted in the Bedouin way of life.

Later in the day, the Library will host a panel discussion, highlighting the role of Qatari and Indonesian women in the STEM fields as part of the Qatar-Indonesia 2023 Year of Culture. The panel will feature Qatari and Indonesian female engineers and scientists who will share their journey to becoming professionals in their fields and who will provide advice for young adults aspiring to follow suit.

On 16 December, QNL will provide a captivating glimpse into social history, the journey of families and their rich cultural legacies. Titled “The Memories in a Private Collection in Qatar: Al Jaber Family Archive”, the seminar will highlight the Al Jaber family collection, a trove of rare books and documents that mirrors the scientific and cultural development witnessed by the people of Qatar.

QNL will wrap up this month’s activities for Qatar National Day on 17 December with the third instalment of the QNL Engage Podcast titled “The Lives of Women in the Gulf during the Diving Season.” The episode will host Dhabia Al-Sulaiti, a researcher and lecturer in linguistic documentation, heritage, Qatari culture, and the environment, who will discuss the lives of women in Qatar and the Gulf during the pearl diving season.

The Library encourages all members of the community to mark their calendars for these enriching events. For more information on the full program calendar and to register to attend, please visit the Library’s website at or the QNL mobile app, which is free and available to download from the App Store or from Google Play.


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