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Rasasi Perfumes Curates the Ultimate List of Fragrances to Enjoy this Fall

As the season of Summer bids us adieu, Rasasi Perfumes, one of the leading fragrance houses within the region, puts together a curated list of perfumes to reflect the warmth of the upcoming fall season. Highlighting a variety of unique notes such as Agarwood, Musk and Oudh to evoke a sense of warmth from the fragrance, along with a blend of floral and fruity notes such as Vanilla, Jasmine, Rose and Patchouli to add a hint of sweet freshness, these fragrances are amongst Rasasi’s best sellers and are sure to add an opulence to one’s scent wardrobe.

Qasamat Collection

The Qasamat is a series of fragrances inspired by the rich perfumery traditions of the Middle East. The opulent and enigmatic mystique of oriental notes finds a contemporary expression in four unique scent journeys. These perfumes celebrate the love for bling as a language of self-expression and an irresistibly infectious joie de vivre.

Hawas for Him & Her

Two of Rasasi’s best sellers, Hawas for him & her are fresh, elegant and woody perfumes that combine a mix of premium contemporary notes to yield a sensational fragrance. The Hawas for him highlights notes of sandalwood, cedar wood and musk together with a variety of fruity freshness while the Hawas for her highlights a combination of fruity flavours and vibrant citrus notes.

LaYuqawam Collection

La Yuqawam, in Arabic means Irresistible. LaYuqawam series extends a classic yet modern feel full of elegance, refinement and prestige to oriental perfumery. The series which includes six fragrances has become a classic that never goes out of fashion. The love for this series transcends beyond the originally targeted Arab nationalities to international connoisseurs of perfumes, looking for a sophisticated and modern exhilarating oriental experience.


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