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Acqua di Parma and forte_forte enrich the Bocelli family’s Beach Club at Forte dei Marmi, with the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma Capsule Collection

Acqua di Parma and forte_forte partner to showcase the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma Collection in Forte dei Marmi, at the Bocelli family’s Alpemare Beach Club.

An all-Italian love story inspired by the partnership between the Maison representing the most sophisticated Italian style and a fashion house offering dreamlike charm, featuring timeless designs that resonate with emotions. They share a passion for Italian craftsmanship and the Made in Italy heritage, for the atmosphere of Italian landscapes and for pure and natural beauty enriched with the scent of Acqua di Parma bringing vitality to the beach at Alpemare, one of Versilia’s treasures.

Set in the charming seaside town of Forte dei Marmi, the historic Alpemare Beach Club has hosted artists, poets, and actors from all over Europe since the last century. Today it is owned by the Bocelli family, which has preserved its legendary charm, turning it into a marvellous oasis filled with timeless elegance.

The joyous atmosphere of the Italian Mediterranean, the protagonist of forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma, is conveyed naturally and spontaneously in this sparkling setting. The graceful fluttering of butterflies and dragonflies that characterises the collection adorns beach towels and soft cushions that decorate the beach tents, treating Alpemare guests to a magical experience.

The enchanting and dreamlike motif created by forte_forte for Acqua di Parma appears again in the scented candles strategically placed in the lounge areas, in the garden and in Alpemare’s restaurant. The bright notes of mirto di Panarea waft all around, resulting in an exhilarating sense of awakening and harmony.

“We are happy to partner with forte_forte to decorate a charming beach club like Bagno Alpemare in Forte dei Marmi, where the Bocelli family has cultivated the Italian art of living that has always characterised us. Set against a backdrop of breathtaking stretches of coastline in Versilia, it is the perfect setting for the forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma Collection, designed to express the joy of renewed freedom, of rebirth surrounded by the vegetation of the Italian Mediterranean. The dreamy, bright motif created for Acqua di Parma by Giada Forte celebrates the vibrant notes of mirto di Panarea, the Blu Mediterraneo fragrance at the heart of this project that we hope will give Alpemare’s guests an even more enjoyable and exciting summer”, announced Acqua di Parma.

It is a dive into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and flowers bursting into bloom, a delicate and dream-like imagery reflected in the iridescent light of sea water. Tones of bright Parma yellow alternate with the purplish hues of myrtle berries, the iconic fruit of the Italian Mediterranean, against a background of aqua green with pearlescent sheens.

“It is a delight for us to bring an engaging project like forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma to an exclusive and sophisticated location like Alpemare. A special place, where art and nature merge and where you can savour an intimate, authentic and Italian atmosphere, the same one that forte_forte shares with Acqua di Parma, together with the values of craftsmanship and natural beauty. Interpreting for the Maison a fragrance with luminous and vibrant notes like mirto di Panarea’s was thrilling in itself and now it is just as exciting to collaborate with the Bocelli family to bring a touch of magic to this heavenly place”, remarked Giada Forte, Creative Director of forte_forte and co-founder of the brand with her brother, Paolo.

The magnificent view of the Apuan Alps, the scents of the Mediterranean pine forest at one of the most picturesque stretches of beach, together with the contemporary works of art that embellish the areas, make Alpemare a veritable treasure trove of beauty and wellbeing. Here, Andrea Bocelli himself, the world- famous Italian tenor and singer, often performs a concert or indulges in a rare moment of relaxation.

It gives me great pleasure to work with Acqua di Parma again for the third summer. This year’s forte_forte loves Acqua di Parma Collection immediately won us over with its glowing sensation of lightness, harmony and freedom. The dreamy, bright tones of forte_forte’s motifs, the joyful notes of mirto di Panarea: all perfectly complement the atmosphere of the Alpemare Beach Club, designed by us as a genuine oasis of wellbeing where every detail is taken care of. Together with forte_forte and Acqua di Parma, we have succeeded in enhancing the various areas with aesthetic and sensory features that create a unique experience for our guests”, emphasised Veronica Berti Bocelli.

Energy resonates everywhere while the fragrances of Acqua di Parma’s Home Collection featuring Blu Mediterraneo candles and diffusers waft through the air. The beach cabins, which Alpemare has left in their traditional style, are fitted with the Arancia di Capri amenities from the hotel line of Acqua di Parma in special recycled plastic (RPET) produced in Italy from recycled PET plastic bottles. The comfortable bathrooms are complemented with the Arancia di Capri Hand Soap and Hand Cream ranges.

Each product has been carefully curated down to the last detail, conveying a shared passion for traditional craftsmanship and premium Italian ingredients. To create a fragrant dream for an Italian holiday full of emotions.

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