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Rihanna rocks Super Bowl LVII halftime performance in Messika

The singer and beauty mogul took the stage in Arizona on Sunday in front of an estimated 190 million viewers. A performance that marks Rihanna’s comeback after six years hiatus.

For her highly anticipated appearance she chose some of Messika’s boldest High Jewelry earrings:

  • Unique Illusionnistes mono earring that is decomposed in 3 parts

  • Equilibristes diamond clip

  • Magnetic Love mono earring

  • A part of Diamond Equalizer earring

  • Illusionnistes diamond clip

A choice that reflects the singer’s unique style and an honor to the Maison who loves to break the rules just like her.

The 13-minute show was a celebration of Rihanna’s catalogue, her 17 years in music

and her hit songs.

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest stages in the world and it is every international entertainer's dream to perform at this event .


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