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RIMOWA is proud to announce its debut collaboration with London-based skateboarding and clothing brand PALACE. Finding common ground in their appreciation for daring designs, RIMOWA and PALACE team up to create a limited-edition suitcase, a deck and sticker set that merge RIMOWA’s century-old heritage of German engineering and PALACE’s unique approach to fashion and streetwear.

Showcasing RIMOWA’s technical expertise, the PALACE RIMOWA Original Cabin Desert suitcase features a vibrant artwork of a dystopic desert landscape against the backdrop of aluminium. Designed by PALACE artists in a hand-airbrushed aesthetic, the artwork depicts a nomadic figure walking towards a chrome monolith, appearing to be watched over by a sand sculpture of a woman. To achieve the detailed inscription, RIMOWA employed its mastery of digital printing, assuring a seamless gradient and vibrant colour pigments.

While the exterior’s design is intentionally left to the interpretation of the viewer, the interior features a seamless ‘infinity’ artwork that represents the brands’ shared value of creating quality and long-lasting products. Made in Cologne, the special-edition piece is available in extremely limited quantities with only 500 models produced.

The PALACE RIMOWA Deck celebrates the spirit of mobility, a notion underpinned by both brands. The deck features a rendition of the ‘infinity’ artwork seen on the suitcase’s interior as well as the two brands’ names imprinted throughout. On the other side, RIMOWA and PALACE’s iconic logos are inscribed on each end. Measuring at 21.59 centimetres in width, the deck is made of 7 ply Canadian Maple wood under the Regrowth Programme. A PALACE RIMOWA Sticker Set completes the collection, containing iconic PALACE logos with a RIMOWA twist.

The collaboration is celebrated with a film, featuring PALACE skate team: Rory Milanes and Charlie Birch. The film begins with the two skateboarders planning to meet in Tokyo. Their plans take an unexpected turn when Charlie misses his flight. On a mission to make up for his delay, the film gradually develops as he embarks on a dystopian journey in what appears to be an imagined PALACE RIMOWA universe, until they finally unite.

From February 10th, 2023, the PALACE RIMOWA Original Cabin Desert Suitcase, the PALACE RIMOWA Deck, and the PALACE RIMOWA Sticker Set will be available at RIMOWA stores worldwide and online at In addition the pieces will also be available at PALACE Flagshipstores worldwide, Dover Street Market London &Los Angeles, as well as online at


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