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As a leader in travel, RIMOWA has long catered to discerning busi- ness professionals. Now, it is delighted to reveal the Original Pilot Silver, which up- dates a signature design with newly enhanced functionalities to ensure the most pre- mium experience.

First debuted in 1994, the Original Pilot gained a steady cult following as the product of choice for pilots due to the way it neatly fits between the two pilot seats in a cockpit. Its ability to open like a classic pilot case to provide easy access to materials inside popularized it further. And, with RIMOWA’s aluminium exterior having been in- spired by the early days of aviation, the Original Pilot case effectively became synon- ymous with the craft.

The Original Pilot’s shape and functionality, along with its robust shell and roomy interior also made it a staple piece for a multitude of professionals; from DJs who used it as a makeshift case to element-proof their records and equipment to business travellers who found convenience in storing both their files and travel essentials in one place. In the decades that followed, the case became the ideal solution for any travelling professional in search of a reliable companion to support their ambitions.

Paying respect to RIMOWA’s rich design history, the Original Pilot Silver features a grooved aluminium exterior that echoes the aesthetic of the Original suitcase collec- tion. Supported by the pioneering Multiwheel system, the case features a stage-free telescopic handle and is opened from above to provide easy access to laptops, docu- ments, and professional tools. Easily maneuverable, the Original Pilot Silver is the per- fect piece for journeys that range from short-haul travel to the daily commute, with two TSA-approved locks to safely secure it.

Inside, an adjustable interior gives its owner the freedom to decide how it best suits their needs. A padded compartment can either hold a laptop up to 16 inches or be removed in order to transform the business case into a versatile toolbox. There are pockets of multiple sizes to keep essentials organised, from two zipped pockets in- tended to hold batteries and chargers, to a vertical pocket designed for a small water bottle or umbrella.

A sticker set featuring five original designs are available to accessorize your Original Pilot Silver case. Drawing inspiration from aviation companies from the ‘90s, the vin- tage-style stickers employ bold font and archival colours for a nostalgic feel.

From February 23, the RIMOWA Original Pilot Silver (RRP 1.160 €) and the RIMOWA Pilot Sticker Set (RRP 35 €) will be available at RIMOWA stores and online at


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