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Throughout its rich history, innovation has played a fundamental role in RIMOWA’s identity, from the introduction of unique materials and the development of pioneering technology to informing its highly creative collaborations. Now, the German maison continues to implement its forward- thinking approach, this time by merging the world of digital and physical craftsmanship in a new collaboration with RTFKT.

Encompassing a new collection of NFTs, limited-edition suitcase and a robot collectible, the new collaboration brings to life —and to the metaverse— the ultimate experience for RIMOWA enthusiasts and Web3 collectors. Combining their respective craftsmanship, RIMOWA and RTFKT have come together to create a RIMOWA x RTFKT limited edition Original Cabin suitcase, with only 888 pieces produced – a nod to the luck associated with the number in the crypto world. Likewise, the suitcase will be released as 888 NFTs first.

“This collaboration is a fantastic opportunity for two brands who excel in their fields to come together to create products that can live both in the digital and physical realm. To enter the Metaverse with RTFKT is truly exciting, as it allows us to explore what travel means there. It’s a space that takes creativity and collaboration to great heights and offers new ways to engage with different audiences” says Emelie De Vitis, Chief Marketing Officer at RIMOWA.

In true RTFKT fashion, the release will come with a challenge, with the digital platform typically inviting its community to participate in a quest to unlock access to drops and items. For this collaboration, RTFKT and RIMOWA created an interactive campaign where the community will have to solve challenges together, to uncover a hacked RIMOWA x RTFKT Space Station, which they will need to reactivate in order to mint the limited edition NFTs.

Following the challenge, an exclusive digital event will be held where holders of the NFT will be able to forge their asset to redeem a physical version of the luggage. Featuring pixelated motifs, among them iterations of RIMOWA and RTFKT’s iconography, the suitcase’s design takes cues from the senses of anonymity and pseudonymity that uphold the digital realm — particularly within the metaverse and NFT space.

The forging event will also see the unveiling of a slew of other assets created by RIMOWA and RTFKT, including four different Avatar Wearables which were made as part of the same imagined RIMOWA metaverse that birthed the physical suitcase.

Alongside the digital and physical iterations of the suitcase, 2222 NFTs of a robot collectible will also be released as part of the collaboration. Designed by RTFKT, the NFT takes the form of a space robot worker within the RIMOWA x RTFKT universe.

“Working with RIMOWA has been a dream of ours since day one. Who wouldn’t be honored to be able to bring their iconic designs into our world and create a spaceship, robot and travel tools for Web3 builders and hackers? We really put all our passion into this project, while pushing boundaries in terms of the minting experience, 3D space and draw to raffle system. We can’t wait for people to see the physical luggage, and to discover their Clone Wearables once they forge”, says RTFKT Co-Founder Benoit Pagotto.

Launching on October 27th, users are invited inside the RIMOWA x RTFKT Space Station in the metaverse to mint their NFTs and will experience a new demonstration of 3D e-commerce powered by OnCyber. To assure a streamlined process, public sales of the collaboration will be organized through a draw to raffle system.


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