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The Beauty of Attention

The beauty of attention is all about being more conscious of how you shape your surroundings and being more aware of the little things in life. It’s in everything from the splendour of creating more meaningful routines, to finding a moment of peace to enjoy them, to the place where you can unwind and you call home. Turn your home into a sanctuary with the luxury Private Collection or pick and choose your look and scent with our brand-new range: The Signature Collection, with gold plated and platinum silver designs.

Your home is where you should feel good, no matter what. It is the one place that should nurture your well-being at all times. Rituals Cosmetics helps you create an inviting atmosphere and a warm sense of well-being that welcomes you as soon as you open the door. And it’s the little things that make a home, like the beauty of exquisite home fragrances, the joy of customisable and refillable scented candles, perfume cartridges or kitchen essentials that elevate the everyday. Our collections bring more meaning to everyday routines, like close-knit family gatherings or evenings filled with friends and laughter. Theseelegant Home Collectionsare the perfect gift that helps create a beautiful sanctuary where one can be their truest self.

Signature Collection

The new and improved Signature Collection pairs the beauty of our best-loved Private Collection scented candles with exquisite designer porcelain candleholders. The Signature Collection candle holders are meticulously designed 24 carat or platinum porcelain holders, crafted by skilled artisans in India, bringing a little piece of exceptional luxury into your home. With the new maxi light scented candles, the candleholders can be used again and again. Refills are available in 12 Private Collection fragrances online and 6 Private Collection fragrances in stores, all with a burning time of 10 hours. Invite the beauty of Rituals Cosmetics’ signature fragrances to create your own personal sanctuary.

Private Collection

The Private Collection, designed to add a special vibe and atmosphere to your home and to help both invigorate and soothe the soul, has been expanded with new products. Your Private Collection handwash can now be refilled! With the launch of three new value packs (600ml) - made from recycled and recyclable materials – you can refill your hand wash bottle twice! The XL candles collection also has been updated and now comes in Precious Amber and Sweet Jasmin, next to the already existing scent Savage Garden.

The Rituals Private and Signature collections will be available in Rituals Cosmetics stores in the Middle East and at from 25th February onwards.



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