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This global initiative with five participating countries (Italy, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE and Moscow) bidding virtually for the finest white truffles, will be live-streamed at Roberto’s, followed by a 5-course curated degustation dinner.

For one night only, on Sunday 8th November 2020, Roberto’s will be hosting the Alba White Truffle Dinner- an exclusive dining experience that blends fine Italian gastronomy and an exciting global initiative.

This year which marks the 21st anniversary of the World Alba White Truffle Charity Auction will see five countries; Italy, Hong Kong, Moscow, UAE and Singapore, coming together virtually to bid for this year’s finest white truffle specimens. The auction will be live-streamed on Roberto’s big screen from 4.00 pm-05.30 pm, with the celebration dinner taking place from 09.00 pm.

Roberto’s Group Executive Chef Francesco Guarracino has curated a 5-course degustation menu that tastefully incorporates white truffle throughout. He says: “We are delighted to be partaking in such an exciting global event that celebrates the culinary gem that is white truffle. We have created a stunning menu that will showcase its unique taste and versatility in every course- our guests will feel like they are part of the Piedmont action.”

The innovative menu includes 5 courses of pure Alba White Truffle creativity, with dishes like the 30 Egg Yolk homemade Tagliolini with porcini mushroom, Robiola cheese sauce and white truffle and Roasted Italian veal tenderloin, soft polenta, Jerusalem artichoke and white truffle. White truffle is also delightfully incorporated into the dessert of warm Piedmonts hazelnut foam, wild mushroom ice cream and coconut crumble.

The inaugural World Alba White Truffle Charity Auction took place in 1999 at the enchanting Grinzane Castle, Piedmont in northern Italy, and since then the yearly auction has been live streamed with other participating cities, including Tokyo, Paris and London. Last year, the highest bid was €120,000 for 1,005 grams of white truffle while the overall initiative raised close to €420,000.

Roberto’s Alba White Truffle Gala Dinner | An Overview

Date: Sunday 8th November 2020

Time: 9 pm onwards

Menu: 5-course Alba White Truffle degustation dinner (full menu below)

Price: AED 495 per person, including 15g of white truffle

Location: Roberto’s, Gate Village Building No. 1 DIFC, Dubai, UAE

To book: Call 00971 4 386 0066 or email

Parking: First three hours complimentary valet parking available


On Arrival

Caciocavallo cheese foam, crispy bread, coffee powder and white truffle


Piedmontese beef fassona tartare, soft quail eggs, pumpkins and walnut cream, valeriana salad and white truffle


30 Egg Yolk Homemade tagliolini pasta with porcini mushroom, Robiola cheese sauce and white truffle

Second Main

Roasted italian veal tenderloin, soft polenta, Jerusalem artichoke and white truffle


Warm Piedmonts hazelnut foam, wild mushroom ice cream, coconut crumble and white truffle


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