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Sky blue, wind tame, adrenaline pumping: the track is ready to meet its next winner in 3, 2, 1. Introducing the new Excalibur Spider Huracán Monobalancier (MB), fuelled by the horological excellence of the Maison and the sporting spirit of the Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo EVO 2 racing car. The resulting combination is a roaring timepiece designed for those who know that slowing down is never an option.


Always chasing the next thrill, the new Excalibur Spider Huracán MB is just the latest creation to emerge from Roger Dubuis x Lamborghini Squadra Corse. Moving from track to wrist, it combines the DNA of the Italian supercar with the horological excellence of the Maison and is the embodiment of a partnership defined by radical performance and razor-sharp aesthetics.

Set to be unveiled as the Lamborghini Super Trofeo championship draws to its adrenaline-charged World Finals, Roger Dubuis invites the brave and bold to witness the official launch of this striking timepiece as they experience the emotions of a world-renowned race at the same time.


Built with an automatic monobalancier RD630 calibre, the 45-mm diameter Excalibur Huracán MB channels the same exhilarating blend of performance and power as its motoring namesake. With a honeycomb motif made famous by the Huracán supercar, the hexagonal dashboard of the Lamborghini Huracán is reflected in the design, while twin barrels and a 12° tilted balance wheel represent the signature calibre associated with Lamborghini Squadra Corse. When viewed from the back, the semi-skeletonised movement reveals the 360° oscillating mass, which reproduces the like-for-like speed effect of a Huracán wheel rim, while emulating its design too. Displaying a 60-hour power reserve, this feat of mechanical engineering is born to race in life’s fast track, just like its wearer.


For those who dare to seek out the win, this ground-breaking timepiece is brimming with racing design codes. The case is made from SMC carbon, a composite material developed in-house and similar to the one used on the Lamborghini Huracán’s monocoque chassis and body panels, while black DLC titanium is used on the bezel. Taking inspiration from the aerodynamics of the supercars, these materials were specifically chosen for their peak lightness and resistance.

Dressed in a distinctive khaki green and electrifying orange, this timepiece is a stunning demonstration of sharp, super-sleek aesthetics. The final touch of racing style is brought to the wrist by the crown inspired by the Huracán’s racing nuts and the upper calibre strut-bar bridge, which is reminiscent of those found on the V10 engine itself.

When it comes to the strap, a combination of rubber and Alcantara® ensures ultimate comfort and flexibility. The inner lining also features the unique Pirelli P ZeroTM Trofeo R pattern, just like the pattern found on the tyres that tear up the track. Finally, a Quick Release System on the buckle and strap guarantees the wearer can change it at pit stop speed.

Limited to just 88 pieces, the Excalibur Spider Huracán MB is a prime example of what happens when two ground-breaking rulebreakers come together. Because every second of life must be epic.


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