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A hand-crafted home for one’s personal collection of Essences

Henry Jacques is reviving a sense of grandeur and historic rituals within the realm of French Haute Parfumerie with its Royal Cabinet, a meticulously hand-crafted chest designed to house a personal assortment of perfumes.

An immaculate accessory for the collector of fine scents, the Royal Cabinet can be filled with either 28 or 45 crystal flacons containing 15ml of essence from the heart of the Henry Jacques collection: its fifty ‘Les Classiques’.

Selecting the perfumes – that are a culmination of the Maison’s years of immense know-how – to fill within the cabinet is a real pleasure, allowing one to compose a perfume wardrobe that truly encapsulates ‘you’.

In crafting the Royal Cabinet, several artforms intertwine with French expertise. The Perfumier and Malletier, or trunk-maker, work hand-in-hand to create the masterpiece. Materials are the finest quality; the outer cabinet made from the finest lamb leather and the inside, filled with magnificent velvet.

The Royal Cabinet is a work of art that encapsulates Henry Jacques’ craftsmanship and commitment to excellence not only in the olfactory sense, but the visual.

It is priced at QAR 65,040 and QAR 74,325 for 28 pieces and 45 pieces respectively.

15ml perfumes start from QAR 2,355.


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